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OR58 - Sponsors and Exhibitors

If you would like to Sponsor or Exhibit at OR58, please click here for full information.

The conference is sponsored by



Dstl is a trading fund of the Ministry of Defence (MOD), delivering trusted and impartial advice and solutions for defence-related science and technology issues that impact on the security of the UK. It’s demanding, exciting and rewarding work and each year Dstl recruits approximately 80 graduates to sustain its development. Staff undertake a balanced programme of work and training to develop technical and non-technical skills. Sponsorship is available to gain Accredited/Chartered status and take further qualifications. There are also opportunities for secondments, both in the UK and overseas.



The University of Portsmouth (UoP) has taken the initiative to launch a cross-faculty Centre for Operational Research and Logistics (CORL) to recognise and enhance our reputation and standing of Operational Research and Logistics on national and international scale. CORL brings together multidisciplinary expertise on the Science of Data and the Science of Decision Making from across the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Technology, Portsmouth Business School and the Institute of Industrial Research at the University of Portsmouth.

The key aim of the centre is to achieve research excellence in Operational Research and Logistics fields, and enhance the knowledge transfer activities to deepen the strategic partnership between CORL and the business and public organisations to address greater challenges. CORL’s commitment is to engage with SMEs, large companies, and public bodies. The aim is to increase industrial income and research funds from the Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) and the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) grants, and to bring CORL’s performance in line with that of key national and international competitors.


University of Portsmouth

The University of Portsmouth Mathematics graduates work across the widest range of industries in roles that require the application of maths in statistics, logistics, forecasting, finance, marketing, research and teaching. The University offers honours bachelor's degrees in mathematics or mathematics and a related subject and their courses cover a range of pure and applied mathematics, with the option to study some of these topics in depth or specialise in financial mathematics, statistics, or operational research and logistics. They also offer a third-year direct entry bachelor's course and a master's course in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Placements offer first-hand experience of mathematics education through a mentor scheme supported by mathematics teachers, with classes ranging from Key Stage 2 to A Level. The University’s Student Placement and Employability Centre (SPEC) is dedicated to setting students careers on the right course.


Polaris Consulting

Polaris Consulting is a fully independent SME providing evidence based decision making to the UK Government and industry. The Company specialises in the delivery of Operational Analysis (OA), Cost Analysis and Business Case Approval.

Polaris is run by a Board comprising David Bangert and Carl Dalton, supported by a dedicated team of management and technical staff. Polaris owes its success to the quality of its people and supplements its talented and dedicated core team with expertise from its database of trusted associates.



SPMC was established as a network in 2001 with the aim to share knowledge of Systems ideas to a wide audience. Today, SPMC Associates are taking this tradition forward, to provide Systems capability workshops for business and the wider community. We can help individuals and organizations to address complex problems and issues in a variety of domains.

SPMC workshops may be designed to tackle the 'here and now' challenges faced by managers (e.g. business relocation, change management); or issues of more general concern to a wide audience (e.g. sustainability), addressed in workshop mode. This usually involves presentation of a 'typical' case study, one aspect of which is addressed by the delegates using straightforward but powerful Systems tools. We also offer training in Systems tools and techniques for organizations, which may be tailored to specific needs or used as a vehicle for CPD. For more details, see


Taylor & Francis Group

Taylor & Francis boasts a first-class journal portfolio publishing Manufacturing and Operational Engineering articles as well as a wide range of scholarship from related disciplines. Our journals are edited by some of the most prominent academics in the world and offer a variety of accommodating options for our authors. Our prominent journals include International Journal of Production Research and INFOR: Information Systems and Operational Research


Palgrave Macmillan

Palgrave Macmillan is proud to be the publisher of the Operational Research Society. We look forward to talking to you at the conference where we will have our complete O.R. portfolio on display. Take advantage of the great membership offers on both the Society journals and our related titles.



Roke Manor Research is a leading provider of analysis and consultancy in the Defence and National Security sectors. Trusted by government and industrial partners worldwide, we deliver independent advice, rigorous analysis and technology-based R&D services, allowing us to solve technically challenging problems.

Roke make it their business to understand their clients' key issues to provide end-to-end tailored solutions. With extensive experience in communications systems, electronic sensors, and information assurance and in both the civil and military domains, Roke understand the complexities of modern and future systems.



SIMUL8 Corporation develops, markets, and supports business simulation software that transforms the way people make and communicate decisions.

Our software delivers multi-million pound saving for major organizations – including Chrysler, the NHS and Gatwick Airport – by allowing them to experiment with process improvement ideas in a risk free environment.

SIMUL8 is also used to teach simulation in elite Universities across the world including the London School of Economics, MIT, Melbourne Business School and Hong Kong City University


Strategy Foresight

Strategy Foresight is an innovative technology company focused on developing solutions to help companies improve their decision making under conditions of uncertainty and complexity. The company has developed proprietary decision-support software that combines qualitative and quantitative data into a single easy-to-use integrative tool that can be used by any business or institution.

Today, the software is used by a number of leading organisations including NATO, Janssen Healthcare and City University. Strategy Foresight aims to be at the vanguard of new IT companies developing solutions that supports senior leadership tasked with a critical series of difficult-to-quantify, complex and uncertain problems.