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OR58 - Streams

Below is a list of the streams which are already confirmed for this year’s conference.  As you can see there is a wide variety covering many different areas of OR. We hope you will find many papers of interest to you.


  Bullet Point Analytics
    Nigel Phillips  -
  Bullet Point Behavioural Operational Research (BOR)
    Sally Brailsford  -
  Bullet Point Cutting and Packing
    Xiang Song -
    Julia Bennell -  
  Bullet Point Data Envelopment Analysis – DEA
    Ali Emrouznejad -
  Bullet Point Defence and Security
    David Bangert -
    Stuart Nicholas -
  Bullet Point Ethics and Governance in OR
    Sayara Beg -
  Bullet Point Forecasting
    Devon Barrow -
    Bahman Rostami-Tabar -
  Bullet Point Game Theory
    Petros Sekeris -
  Bullet Point Health and Social Care Modelling
    Navonil Mustafee -
    John Powell -
  Bullet Point Information Systems
    Mark Xu -
  Bullet Point Infrastructure
    Andy Chow -
    Fuzhan Nasiri -
    Tohid Erfani -
  Bullet Point Inventory Management
    Huijing Chen -
    Chee Khian Sim -
    Patrick Beullens -
    Michael Robinson -
  Bullet Point Lean Manufacturing - SPECIAL ISSUE INVITATION
    Hom Dhakal -
  Bullet Point Logistics
    Maurizio Faccio -
  Bullet Point Metaheuristics
    Juergen Branke -
    Ender Ozcan -
    Andrew Parkes -
  Bullet Point Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA)
    Salvatore Greco -
  Bullet Point Optimisation Under Uncertainty
    Tri-Dung Nguyen -
  Bullet Point OR Consultancy and Case Studies
    John Medhurst -
  Bullet Point OR in Education
    Jana Ries -
  Bullet Point OR Modelling for Humanitarian Operations Management (HOM)
    Ashraf Labib -
    Richard Teeuw -
    Reza Abdi -
  Bullet Point OR and Public Policy
    Rob Solly -
  Bullet Point Outsourcing and Offshoring - SPECIAL ISSUE INVITATION
    Vijay Pereira -
    Surender Munjal -  
  Bullet Point Problem Structuring Methods/Soft Operational Research
    Alberto Paucar-Caceres -
    Christine Welch -
    Amanda Gregory -
    John Medhurst -
    Ramune Sabiennne -   
    Maria Thorpe -
  Bullet Point Project Management
    Gary Bell  - 
    Rosane Pagano -
    Jon Warwick -
  Bullet Point Renewable Energy and Sustainability
    Dylan Jones -
    Afzal Siddiqui -
  Bullet Point Risk Crisis and Resilience Management
    Sara Thorne -
  Bullet Point Simulation
    Angel Alejandro Juan Perez -
    Stewart Robinson -
    Christine Currie -
  Bullet Point Sustainable Supply Chain
    Lampros Stergioulas -
    Masoud Fakhimi -
  Bullet Point Third Sector OR: Modelling for a better world
    Malcolm Fenby -
    David Collier -
  Bullet Point Timetabling and Scheduling
    Rhyd Lewis -
  Bullet Point Transport and Mobility
    Javier Faulin -
    Gunes Erdogan -
    Tim Pidgen -