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OR58 Stream - Analytics

Stream Organiser

Nigel Phillips
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Stream Definition

Two recurring themes are lining up to dominate the data science/analytics space for 2016 the drive to develop general methods for deep learning and cognitive computing and the need for organisations to develop a more data-aware, analytics informed workforce.
The analytics stream welcomes submissions in all aspects of data analytics theory and practice in the development and exploitation of:

  • Cognitive computing
  • Data engineering
  • Data pipelines
  • Deep learning technologies
  • Infographics
  • Intelligent indexing
  • Information presentation
  • Learning architecture
  • Machine learning
  • Training and validation systems
  • Web science

  • And associated areas.

Additionally we would be pleased to hear about approaches to training and education of non-specialists in:

  • Analytics
  • Data science
  • Evidence-based decision making


Nigel Phillips

Nigel is a freelance consultant and visiting research fellow at London South Bank University where he previously ran the Information management subject group. Nigel was instrumental in setting up the BSc in Business Intelligence at London South Bank the only BI focused undergraduate course in the UK. More recently, he has been involved in developing a variety of applications for Cognitive Computing using IBMs Watson and is consultant on a number of diverse data science projects.
Nigel’s research area covers analytics, information management, knowledge management, complex systems with a particular interest in the psychological and cultural aspects of decision making and change management. He is a member of the BCS and OR Society and a member of Analytics Network committee.


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