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OR58 Stream - OR Consultancy & Case Studies

Stream Organiser

John Medhurst
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Stream Definition

This stream is an unusual one at the conference. The criterion for inclusion is not that of working in a particular industry, nor using a particular set of techniques. We are interested in the practical experience of operational research, as explored through case studies. This is not only a stream for management consultants - we are interested in practical examples carried out as part of an internal consultancy function, as part of a larger project or for an external client. We are interested in techniques from throughout the whole life cycle of a project - from problem structuring, through data analysis and model building to optimisation and implementation. We would be interested in submissions that might ordinarily go to one of the more specialist streams - the key element is the practical application of operational research to real-world problems.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • What was the context of the study
  • What methods were considered and which were actually used
  • What were the challenges encountered by the study
  • What was the outcome of the study
  • What lessons were learnt

There is no restriction of methods or industries, the key is the practical element.

We are also looking for a Keynote speaker who would occupy a double slot - i.e. 60 minutes.


John Medhurst

John Medhurst began his operational research career with the Defence Operational Analysis Establishment at West Byfleet in 1985. He worked for the MOD in various capacities till 1998, including a spell working for the Headquarters of the ACE Rapid Reaction Corps in Germany and another as Senior Consultant Historical Analysis for the Centre for Defence Analysis in Farnborough. He then left the MOD to work for a small consultancy company - Landair International Ltd, where he used Vensim to create large and complex system dynamics models. He left Landair in 2001 to start his own consultancy company - Larrainzar Consulting Solutions Ltd, which has specialised in tackling complex, human-centred problems using a wide variety of operational research techniques. He has published papers on decision gaming, analysis of complex systems and modelling of human decision making.

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