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OR58 Stream - Data Envelopment Analysis – DEA

Stream Organiser

Ali Emrouznejad
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Stream Definition

The DEA stream covers papers on the theme of efficiency and productivity analysis and performance management. Both parametric and non-parametric papers will be considered. We especially welcome papers on the theory, methodology and application of Data Envelopment Analysis and econometric methods in performance management. Of particular interest are successful applications of performance and efficiency analysis in the real world, for example in banking, healthcare, education, transportation, environment and energy, agriculture and so on.


Ali Emrouznejad

Ali Emrouznejad is a professor of Business Analytics at Aston Business School in Birmingham, UK. His areas of research interest include performance measurement and management, efficiency and productivity analysis as well as data mining. Dr Emrouznejad is editor of Annals of Operations Research, associate Editor of Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, Associate Editor of RAIRO-Operations Research, associate Editor of IMA journal of Management Mathematics, senior Editor of Data Envelopment Analysis journal, and member of editorial boards or guest editor in several other scientific journals including Journal of Operational Research Society, EURO Journal on Decision Processes, and several others. He has published over 100 articles in top ranked journals. He is author of the book on “Applied Operational Research with SAS”, and editor of several other books including “Performance Measurement with Fuzzy DEA” (Springer), “Managing Service Productivity” (Springer), and “Handbook of Research on Strategic Performance Management and Measurement Using DEA” (IGI-Global). He is also founder of and co-founder of Performance Improvement Management Software (PIM-DEA).


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