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OR58 Stream - OR in Education

Stream Organiser

Jana Ries
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Stream Definition

The educational landscape in OR has seen significant primary challenges following the need to adjust to paradigm shifts in the field of Operational Research and the impact of fast moving technology. This requires consideration on institutional and governmental level in order to ensure that academic and industrial requirements are met by the sector. Moreover, the educational sector has been forming a key application base for OR tools and techniques to ensure efficient operations by considering means of resource optimisation in institutional logistics among others.
In this context, academics and practitioners are invited to submit contributions that address any of the diverse facets of the theme OR in education, including:

  • Case studies in OR education
  • Educational policy making in the context of OR
  • Applications of OR in education
  • Innovation in OR education


Jana Ries

Dr Jana Ries is a Senior Lecturer in Statistics and Quantitative Methods at the Business School of the University of Portsmouth. She holds an MSc in Logistics and Optimisation, and a PhD in Operational Research. Her main research interests are in algorithmic design for solving combinatorial optimisation problems with a particular focus on the use of heuristic concepts and fuzzy logic to deal with uncertain environments in real-time optimisation in the areas of transport logistics and supply chain management. 


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