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OR58 Stream - Ethics and Governance in OR

Stream Organiser

Sayara Beg
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Stream Definition

With Open Data more widely and freely available as well as technologies advancing in ways to capture of personal data such as keystrokes on your mobile phone or on your keyboard; what questions does this raise for data privacy, data protection and information security and how does it sit with the need for data to build better models?  What challenges do we face in our quest for more data to better analyse and solve problems versus the ethical demand to ensure personal individual information is not being abused, accidentally, inadvertently or even deliberately.  Presenters are invited to submit abstracts that question, challenge, explore, research and innovate ways in which data can be and should be captured and used for modelling and analysis; such as techniques to provide anonymity and synonymity to personal individual data or are pseudonymous.  What can be considered as ethical ways to collect, store and analyse individual and personal data that employ robust and workable governance practices?


Sayara Beg

An Advance Analytics and Data Science subject matter expert, with over 15 years direct hands on professional experience, delivering in the niche and unique area of operational performance optimisation, data intelligence and regulatory compliance combining Soft O.R and Hard O.R techniques to design technical architectures to enable and support organisational transformation in global organisations.  With experience across multiple sectors, markets and industries as well across multiple departments within an organisation such as financial management through to client facing sales and marketing, supported by operational support processes and new areas for  learning and development.


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