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OR58 Stream - Game Theory

Stream Organiser

Petros Sekeris
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Stream Definition

The Game Theory stream invites researchers and practitioners who are interested in the Game Theory methodology and its applications to any area of Operational Research to submit their work.                         
Submissions of both theoretical and applied contributions are welcomed. Theoretical issues may relate to both cooperative and non-cooperative game theory, dynamic games, equilibrium concepts, behavioural game theory, evolutionary game theory, amongst others.
Applications of Game Theory may include but are not limited to the following areas: Economics, Environment and Energy, Finance, Political Economy, Production and Operations Management, Strategy.


Petros Sekeris

Petros G. Sekeris is a Principal Lecturer in Economics at the Portsmouth Business School. His research focuses on applied game theoretical models, with applications to development economics, political economy, and conflicts. He holds a particular interest in understanding the motivations and mechanisms conducive to civil conflict, international conflicts, and generally speaking any form of expression of violence. Prior to joining the PBS, Petros did a post-doctoral fellowship at the Center for Research in Development Economics of the University of Namur, Belgium.


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