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OR58 Stream - Information Systems

Stream Organiser

Mark Xu
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Stream Definition

One of the key challenges facing information systems is how to handle big data that are both structured and unstructured,  originate from various sources, such as social media, sensors, scientific applications, surveillance cameras, archives, web documents, electronic health records, business applications and web logs (clickstreams). Organisations thirst for processed business intelligence so that they can systematically scan their business horizons to foreseen opportunities and threats; identify emerging patterns; and establish credible future scenarios for strategic planning and action. This calls for a coordinated approach to integrate existing and emerging new Information Systems from multiple perspectives.

This stream focuses on IS research aimed at big data phenomena including but not limited to data architecture, platforms, rules and algorithms, methods and models, Business intelligence, analytics, visualisation as well as organisational and societal impact and challenges.


Mark Xu

Mark Xu received his Ph.D. in MIS from the UK Open University in 1998, and is currently Reader in Information Management and Head of Operations & Systems Management at University of Portsmouth Business School. Mark’s specialist interests are in strategic information management and systems. He currently leads several research and knowledge transfer projects including big data mining, applying ICT and knowledge management to Agriculture (Food traceability), Marine, Healthcare, ageing workforce and SMEs. Mark has over 60 publications in international journals He serves as an associate editor and as an editorial board member for a number of international Journals.



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