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OR58 Stream - Lean Manufacturing

Stream Organiser

Hom Dhakal
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Papers submitted to this stream are invited to submit a full paper to the special issue:
"Increasing value and minimising wastes through Lean Management (LM) " in the International Journal of Lean Six Sigma (IJLSS)

Stream Definition

Lean production or lean thinking is defined as a philosophy which strives to deliver more values for the business and its customers by minimising the non-value added activities or wastes through balancing the process flow. Originating from the Toyota Production System (TPS), the common tools and techniques of lean production such as 5s visual management, just-in-time (JIT), single minute exchange of dies (SMED), total productive maintenance (TPM), value stream mapping (VSM), Poke Yoke (error proofing) can be used in both manufacturing and service sectors in achieving optimal organizational performance and customers satisfaction.
Despite it’s popularity and strategic advantage, successful implementation of lean in SMEs environment has been criticized by many researchers. Some of the reasons for this are lack of full understanding of critical success factors of lean implementation, organisations not ready to adapt the change required and lack of understanding of cultural issues.
This stream/track seeks the papers that address critical issues of lean implementation in both manufacturing and service industries including but not limited:

  • Influence of cultural factors (cultural challenges),  
  • Costs of lean implementation;
  • Organisational change initiatives;
  • Suitability of lean tools and techniques;
  • Importance of understanding lean readiness levels
  • Relationships between Lean, six-sigma and total quality management (TQM)


Hom Dhakal

Dr Hom Dhakal is Senior Lecturer in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering and the Course Leader for BEng Mechanical and Manufacturing distance learning (DL) courses at the School of Engineering, University of Portsmouth. He has over 27 years of experience in teaching, research and management. His principal research interest lies on the design and manufacturing of composites, nanocomposites, natural fibre composites and bio-composites, cleaner production, lean manufacturing and operations research. He has supervised numerous student projects to successful completion (undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD) in the field of materials and lean manufacturing. He also has acted as an external examiner for many PhD degrees at Universities in the UK and overseas. He has many international collaborative partnerships and has taken on key roles in international research events. He is the author or co-author of over 100 publications.

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