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OR58 Stream - Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA)

Stream Organiser

Salvatore Greco
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Stream Definition

Multiple criteria decision analysis is an important branch of Operational Research that proposes concepts, methods and tools to handle complex decision problems where a plurality of points of view, technically called criteria, have to be taken into account. After more than forty years of developments, this discipline on one hand has defined basic concepts and main interests, but on the other hand is incessantly developing new methodologies that permit to deal with the more and more complex decision problems real world is proposing in many domains ranging from environmental management to finance, from medicine to industrial design. In this perspective, this stream aims at collecting contributions both on theoretical research and practical applications in order to give a comprehensive idea of the current developments in the domain.

Contributions to the conference are sought in areas including:

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Environmental Applications
  • General Resource Allocation & Optimization
  • Group Decision Making
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing Decisions
  • Medical Decision Making
  • Military Applications
  • Finance and Accounting Decision Making
  • Operations Management Decision Making


Salvatore Greco

Salvatore Greco is Professor of General Mathematics and Financial Mathematics at the Department of Economics and Business of University of Catania University, Italy, and part time professor at the Portsmouth Business School, University of Portsmouth University, UK. He received his degree in Economics from the University of Catania, Italy, in 1988 and has been an active researcher in the area of Multiple Criteria Decision Aiding (MCDA), Rough Set Theory and non-additive integrals since 1994. Together with José Figueira and Matthias Ehrgott, Salvatore Greco edited the state-of-the-art collection of chapters on Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis, published by Springer in 2005, which became a reference book in the field, receiving almost 2000 citations according to Google Scholar. Together with Benedetto Matarazzo he organized the fifth International Summer School on Multiple Criteria Decision Making (Acireale-Catania, 2000). Since 2010, Salvatore Greco is one of the three coordinators of the EURO Working Group in Multiple Criteria Decision Aiding ( and Salvatore Greco is associate editor of the International Journal of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis. At the 22nd International conference on MCDM held in Malaga June 17-22 2013, Salvatore Greco received the MCDM Gold Medal being “the highest honour that the International Society on Multiple Criteria Decision Making bestows upon a scholar who, over a distinguished career, has devoted much of his/her talent, time, and energy to advancing the field of MCDM, and who has markedly contributed to the theory, methodology, and practice of MCDM” (

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