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OR58 Stream - Risk Crisis and Resilience Management

Stream Organiser

Sara Thorne
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Stream Definition

This stream of the conference addresses the growing area of risk and resilience that is so fundamental for the success of organisations. None of the elements of risk exist in isolation and this stream will begin to highlight the interdisciplinary nature of risk and address some of the challenges in its management.

Risk and resilience are no longer emerging disciplines and stand firmly in their own right. With global challenges from terrorism, cyber security attacks and financial mismanagement, risk is at the heart of all organisations. Presenters are invited to submit abstracts that explore, challenge and offer innovative responses to some of the burgeoning risk issues faced currently. How can we use recent developments such as BS11200:2014 and BS65000 to help make more robust organisations? Does anti-fraud legislation help organisations or reduce flexibility detrimentally? How do organisations manage risk perceptions when audiences are faced with a barrage of media reports that may sensationalise issues? What level of social media engagement do organisations have and how has this been incorporated into their risk management strategies?
With an increasing focus on risk in its multitude of forms, the stream aims to bring together key areas of interest across organisations.


Sara Thorne 

A Risk and Crisis Management subject matter expert, with experience in both public and private sectors, delivering particularly in the areas of crisis communication and decision making to help organisations such as Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service and London Fire Brigade address new challenges in ways of working.
Current research areas address decision making in crisis scenarios, risk perception and terrorism.


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