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OR58 Stream - Sustainable Supply chain

Stream Organiser

Lampros Stergioulas
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Masoud Fakhimi
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Stream Definition

Benefiting environment as well as creating profit is one of the main supply chain challenges. In this sense, sustainable supply chain is concerned about incorporating sustainability principles in different stages of supply chains from extracting raw materials to delivering the final products to customers and back. This stream provides an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to share recent advances in applications of OR in Sustainable Supply Chain. Areas of particular interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Sustainable strategies in supply chain management
  • Modelling & Simulation for sustainable supply chain analysis
  • Sustainable transportation
  • Reverse logistics and remanufacturing
  • Closed loop-supply chain
  • Green procurement and sourcing
  • Energy and resource efficiency in supply chains
  • Supply Chain Sustainability Assessment


Lampros Stergioulas

Lampros Stergioulas is Professor in Business Analytics at the University of Surrey Business School. He has co-authored 5 books, and published over 150 papers in journals and international conferences. Lampros has held many national and EU grants in information systems (including healthcare and educational information systems), technology road mapping, and strategic management. He has been principal investigator and overall coordinator of numerous EU and UK projects. He is currently coordinator of the new CRe-AM EU project on the future of ICT interaction with the creative industries. He has also coordinated the EU projects TEL-Map and e-Start on the future of educational technologies. His research interests include modelling and simulation, strategic management, road mapping, operations research, and innovation management. He has extensive experience in technology road mapping, future studies and strategic planning (over the years, he has been involved in the development of more than ten European road maps), modelling and simulation of large systems; and social network analysis.

Masoud Fakhimi

Masoud Fakhimi is a Teaching Fellow in Business Transformation at University of Surrey Business School. Before joining the University of Surrey, he held a research position at Computer Science Department at Brunel University London. He holds a BSc in Industrial Engineering and MSc in Management. His research interests include application of modelling & simulation techniques for sustainable development analysis, operations research, sustainable development, operations management and green supply chain management. He has been serving as a reviewer for top-tier journals and conferences in the field of modelling & simulation and operations research. He is teaching courses in operations management, business modelling, decision making and business project management.  


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