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OR58 Stream - Timetabling and Scheduling

Stream Organiser

Rhyd Lewis
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Stream Definition

Timetables and schedules are ubiquitous in our lives; indeed it is difficult to imagine a modern society being able to function without them. Yet in many cases, particularly where resources such as time, money, space, or people are limited, the task of constructing feasible and attractive timetables presents serious computational challenges. Such issues make the field of timetabling and scheduling an important area of operational research with contemporary solution approaches including heuristics and metaheuristics, soft computing, evolutionary computation, artificial intelligence, mathematical programming, and constraint-based computing. This stream invites submissions concerned with any aspect of research related to timetabling and scheduling. We particularly recognize that many timetabling and scheduling problems feature problem-structures arising in other areas of operational research such as graph theory, routing, packing, cutting, and partitioning problems. Hence we also welcome any submissions from these problem areas where applicable. Potential submission topics include:

  • Algorithms for timetabling and scheduling in any field (e.g. education, transport, entertainment, health, industry, sports)
  • Algorithms for problems related to timetabling (including routing, cutting, packing, graph colouring, and partitioning);
  • Problem, constraint, and algorithm analysis;
  • Practical issues related to timetabling and their associated problems;
  • The ability of timetables and schedules to withstand changes (i.e., robustness).


Rhyd Lewis

Dr. Rhyd Lewis is a lecturer in operational research at Cardiff School of Mathematics, Cardiff University. He is the author of the book A Guide to Graph Colouring, Algorithms and Applications. Dr Lewis's research interests cover the analysis and application of metaheuristic algorithms, with particular focus on timetabling, graph colouring, and bin packing, vehicle routing, arc routing, and grouping/partitioning problems. He is a program committee member for a number of conferences, including EvoCop, MIC, and PATAT. He is also a cofounder and associate editor of the Intl. J. of Metaheuristics.


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