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OR59 - Sponsors and Exhibitors

If you would like to Sponsor or Exhibit at OR59, please click here for full information 

Please take a moment to learn more about all our supporters below

  • Loughborough University  (more information)
  • Defence Science and Technology Laboratory  (more information)
  • SIMUL8 Corporation  (more information)
  • Polaris Consulting  (more information)
  • dse Consulting  (more information)
  • Taylor & Francis  (more information)
  • GORS  (more information)
  • Satalia  (more information)
  • Datanut Sciences Ltd  (more information)

    Loughborough University
    is at the heart of England in the northern most part of the county of Leicestershire and being centrally placed is well served by road, rail and air.  Thanks to the vision of its founding father, Dr Herbert Schofield, Loughborough University has developed into one of the country’s leading universities, with a reputation for excellence in teaching and research, strong links with business and industry and unrivalled sporting achievement. A public research university, it has been a university since 1966, but the institution dates back to 1909, when the then Loughborough Technical Institute began with a focus on skills and knowledge which would be directly applicable in the wider world. The combination of world class research, enterprising outlook, unparalleled sporting achievement and excellent student experience gives rise to something that is truly special and distinctive among the UK’s universities. At Loughborough we work towards achieving our ten-year vision through four central themes – Investing in our staff, Educating for success, Growing capacity and influence, and Raising standards and aspirations – with research, teaching, enterprise and sport embedded in each.


    Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl)
    Dstl is an Executive Agency of the Ministry of Defence (MOD), delivering trusted and impartial advice and solutions for defence-related science and technology issues that impact on the security of the UK. It’s demanding, exciting and rewarding work and each year Dstl recruits approximately 80 graduates to sustain its development. Staff undertake a balanced programme of work and training to develop technical and non-technical skills. Sponsorship is available to gain Accredited/Chartered status and take further qualifications. There are also opportunities for secondments, both in the UK and overseas.



    SIMUL8 Corporation develops, markets, and supports business simulation software that transforms the way people make and communicate decisions. Our software delivers multi-million pound saving for major organizations – including Chrysler, the NHS and Gatwick Airport – by allowing them to experiment with process improvement ideas in a risk free environment. SIMUL8 is also used to teach simulation in elite Universities across the world including the London School of Economics, MIT, Melbourne Business School and Hong Kong City University.



    Polaris Consulting is a fully independent SME providing evidence based decision making to the UK Government and industry. The Company specialises in the delivery of Operational Analysis (OA), Cost Analysis and Business Case Approval. Polaris is run by a Board comprising David Bangert and Carl Dalton, supported by a dedicated team of management and technical staff. Polaris owes its success to the quality of its people and supplements its talented and dedicated core team with expertise from its database of trusted associates.



    dse Consulting As institutions including the Bank of England and Federal Reserve begin to recognise the power of Agent Based Modelling and Simulation (ABMS), DSE Consulting remains one of the UK’s only commercial practitioners of this technique. DSE Consulting advises academic institutions including Nottingham University and Cranfield’s School of Decision Sciences on the application of ABMS and has forged significant advances in commercial applications for clients in the aerospace, retail and public sectors. DSE Consulting’s advanced simulations are facilitated by AnyLogic software from XJ Technologies



    Taylor & Francis boasts a first-class journal portfolio publishing Manufacturing and Operational Engineering articles as well as a wide range of scholarship from related  disciplines. Our journals are edited by some of the most prominent academics in the world and offer a variety of accommodating options for our authors. Our prominent journals include International Journal of Production Research, Production & Manufacturing Research: An Open Access Journal and INFOR: Information Systems and Operational Research.                 


    GORS The Government Operational Research Service (GORS) currently supports policy-making, strategy and operations in many different departments and agencies and employs around 500 analysts, ranging from sandwich students to members of the Senior Civil Service. We're the analytical minds behind many of the Government's policies - policies which, when brought into being, touch the lives of everyone in the UK. Yours included. Through the use of various scientific and mathematical techniques, we add empirical weight to a new or revised policy. Our work, in effect, helps bring it to life.


    Satalia We believe that solving the world's hardest problems requires a culture of autonomy and openness. In recent years we have fundamentally redesigned our organisation to maximise people's freedom and happiness at work. We continue to experiment and improve every day.


    Datanut Sciences Ltd - “data science and data governance driving Research & Innovation”. Datanut Sciences, a boutique consultancy based in London, is a specialist in the area of operational research, advance analytics, data science and data governance for insight and innovation. Using our internationally patented framework - DSaaF™ (Data Science as a Framework), we provide guidance and support for your organisation as you work through your change and transformation programmes whether they are short-term remediation activities or are long-term strategic projects. We work with small and medium-sized businesses as well as international corporations with a global footprint. Our goal is to provide an integrated and sustainable analytics solutions with embedded data ethics, data governance, data quality and data controls at every stage.