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OR59 - Making an Impact

Wednesday 13 September 2017

Focused Sessions for Consultants, Analysts and Decision Makers
– and anyone with a passion for making the world work more effectively

  • Is your day-job all about helping make organisations more effective?
  • Does your work involve you in helping others make better decisions?
  • Do you want to be more successful by marketing yourself and your team better?

Then ‘Making an Impact’ at OR59 is for you. OR59 is the UK’s biggest conference of O.R./analytics professionals, academics and practitioners. It will be packed with activities aimed at helping everybody to become more successful in making an impact in their work.

We have some great streams and very interesting presentations on all three days of our OR59 Conference to suit Practitioners and Academics alike. 

Click here to see the Abstract Text and Schedule of talks

The workshops will include material of interest to everyone in O.R., whether academic, practitioner, decision maker or O.R. manager and how to ensure that you can Make an Impact.

At OR59 you can

  • Explore issues of immediate relevance to achieving results in your field
  • Try out new techniques – how applicable are they for you?
  • Discuss your own scenarios with experts
  • Exchange ideas and expertise with people working in different areas
  • Find ways to publicise your work to a wider audience
  • Build your network amongst like-minded professionals

What’s being planned

Workshops, Seminars and Tutorials:

  • Tasters and master classes to help Make an Impact by using new tools or techniques
  • Workshops and discussions to help you Make an Impact through improving public speaking skills, design thinking and better communications
  • Tutorials to guide you through model validation and agent-based modelling
  • Learn how the OR in Schools (ORiS) project will Make an Impact on you as well as young people
  • Advice from experts on how to manage an OR team and sell OR effectively within your organization
  • Toastmasters International demonstration meeting to show how to improve communication skills

Publicising your work:

  • Opportunities to talk to journal and periodical editors to give you new routes to Make an Impact by publicising your capabilities

Speed networking:

  • A fun and focused session to help you make new contacts across the O.R. spectrum