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OR59 - Streams

Calling for Stream Organisers

The OR59 Conference Committee have provided a group of Stream Clusters in Methods, Applications and Skills which will appeal to both Academics and Practitioners at our OR59 Conference.

  • The Methods stream cluster will appeal to Academics
  • The Applications stream cluster will appeal to both Academics and Practitioners
  • The Skills stream cluster will specifically appeal to Practitioners.

Listed below is a starting population of streams which is an initial guide at this stage and will be adjusted along the way.  Please be aware that all subjects will be considered and streams are not limited to the cluster lists shown below.

Stream Clusters:

OR Methods: Behavioural OR, Data Envelopment Analysis, Decision Analysis & Process, Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis, Optimisation, Simulation, Soft Systems Methodology, System Dynamics, Uncertainty & Stochastic Models

OR Applications: Analytics, Manufacturing, Logistics & Supply Chain, Media, Public Sector Health, Services, Sport, Strategy, Transport, Technology (Big Data)

OR Practitioner Skills: Business Systems Analysis, Data Ethics & Governance, Data Visualisation, OR Consultancy, Project Management

If you wish to run a stream at OR59, please contact our OR59 Programme Co-ordinators:
David Collier and Nigel Phillips

Confirmed streams and stream organisers so far are listed below:

  Bullet Point Airport Operations Management
    Ammar Al Bazi  -
  Bullet Point Behavioural OR
    Sally Brailsford  -
  Bullet Point Big Data Technology
    Michael Mortenson  -
  Bullet Point Community OR and Sustainable Development
    Eliseo Vilalta-Perdomo  -
    Martha Vahl  -
    Rebecca Herron  -
  Bullet Point Data Envelopment Analysis
    Ali Emrouznejad  -
  Bullet Point Data Science and Analytics
    Ebad Banissi  -
  Bullet Point Ethics and Governance in OR
    Giles Hindle -
    Richard Vidgen -
  Bullet Point Forecasting
    Devon Barrow -
    Bahman Rostami-Tabar -
  Bullet Point Health and Social Care
    Navonil Mustafee  -
    Andrew Fordyce  -
  Bullet Point Information Systems
    Crispin Coombs  -
    Oliver Kayas  -
  Bullet Point Infrastructure
    Tohid Erfani  -
  Bullet Point Lean Manufacturing
    Hom Dhakal  -
  Bullet Point Metaheuristics
    Andrew Parkes  -
    Ender Özcan  -
  Bullet Point Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA)
    Valentina Ferretti  -
  Bullet Point Optimisation
    Jiyin Liu  -
  Bullet Point OR in Asset Management
    Mahmood Shafiee  -
  Bullet Point OR in Consultancy
    Jane Parkin  -
    Ian Seath  -
  Bullet Point OR and Strategy
    Frances O’Brien  -
    Martin Kunc -
  Bullet Point Problem Structuring Methods & Soft OR
    Alberto Paucar-Caceres  -
    Christine Welch  -
    Diane Hart  -
  Bullet Point Scheduling & Planning
    Jiyin Liu  -
  Bullet Point Simulation
    Antuela Tako  -
    Kathy Kotiadis  -
    Sion Cave  -
  Bullet Point Sustainable Supply Chain
    Lampros Stergioulas  -
    Massoud Fakhimi  -
  Bullet Point Third Sector Modelling
    Malcolm Fenby  -
  Bullet Point Transport and Mobility/Routing Applications
    Djamila Ouelhadj  -