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OR60 - Organising Committee


Conference Chair

Graham Rand, Lancaster University

MAI Chair + Committee

Chair  -  Liz Archibald, decisionLab Ltd

John Ranyard, Independent Consultant

Programme Co-Ordinator and Scheduler

Chris Kirkbride

Keynote Editor

Ahmed Kheiri

Social Events/Sponsors/Exhibitors Organiser

Georgie Watson, Lancaster University

Social Media

Toby Kingsman, Lancaster University

Conference Organiser

Hilary Wilkes, The OR Society



 Graham Rand

Graham Rand, retired from Lancaster University, has been greatly involved with the Operational Research Society for over 45 years.  He is currently editor of Impact, the Society’s magazine, and a member of the Pro Bono Committee.  Graham has been honoured with the Companionship of Operational Research, one of the highest awards bestowed by the O.R. Society, primarily for his international activities, which have included being Vice-President of the International Federation of O.R. Societies. He has also been involved with INFORMS over the years, serving on many committees, including judging and coaching finalists for the Edelman Award and was the 2012 Edelman Gala MC. Graham was recently President of Omega Rho, the international honour society for O.R.  He has had a long and distinguished career serving as editor of scholarly journals, including JORS, chairing committees for major O.R. conferences, including OR26 at Lancaster in 1984, and supporting the development of O.R. in developing countries. He was a plenary speaker at YoungOR 19. 


 Liz Archibald

Liz Archibald is an OR consultant with experience across Utilities, Financial, Postal and Public Sectors and co-founder of Decision Lab, which offers clients a safe environment to explore strategies and test scenarios to reduce the risk associated with decision making.  She is an Expert in developing models to support clients improve operational efficiency through optimisation and other tools. Knowledge transfer to build capacity within client organisations is a key goal.
Specialties: Optimisation modelling with AIMMS, Advanced Excel and Monte Carlo simulation.


 John Ranyard

1963 - 1992            Operational Research Executive, British Coal (Manager, Yorkshire, 1972-92)
1994 - 2008            External Liaison Manager, Management Science Dept, Lancaster University
1988 - 1989            President, The OR Society
1997 – 2001           Editor, Journal of The OR Society
2006                       Companion of The OR Society
1993 and 2008       Chair of national OR Society conference committees
2008                       Chair, The OR Society Awards Panel
2008                       Secretary, Heads of OR Forum (now Heads of OR and Analytics Forum)


 Chris Kirkbride

Chris is a Senior Lecturer in Management Science at Lancaster University. He holds a PhD in the Mathematics of Operational Research from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. Chris’ primary research interests lie in the optimisation of complex stochastic systems, in particular, dynamic resource allocation problems and tools and techniques that can be employed to resolve them. Such problems typically concern how to utilise a scarce or key resource over time in order to make the ‘best’ use of that resource, utilising approaches to attempt identify strongly performing policies or rules to guide decision making from Approximate Dynamic Programming and so-called Multi-Armed Bandit problems. These challenging problems have a practical underpinning with areas of application including: queueing systems, machine maintenance, asset management and inventory management to name but a few. Chris’ research has appeared in the Journal of the Operational Research Society, Journal of Scheduling, Management Science, Naval Research Logistics and Operations Research. Chris is a member of the OR Society and is the North Western Regional Representative on General Council.

 Dr Ahmed Kheiri

Dr Ahmed Kheiri is an Assistant Professor in Operations Research at Lancaster University Management School, Department of Management Science, and a member of the Optimisation Research Group. He received his B.Sc. (Hons - First Class) from the University of Khartoum, Sudan, in 2007, and received his M.Sc. (Distinction) and PhD. from the University of Nottingham, UK, in 2010 and 2014, respectively. He then held research positions at the University of Exeter, and the Cardiff School of Mathematics in Wales. Dr Kheiri has good inter-disciplinary research that broadly contributes to the growing field of Search and Optimisation. His research interests cut across operational research, artificial intelligence and data science, investigating flexible and general cross domain optimisation methods to solve combinatorial optimisation problems.


 Georgie Watson

Georgie is a Partnerships Manager and Industrial Liaison Manager at Lancaster University. Georgie is a graduate Engineer, ocean science post-grad and marketing professional. She worked in practice with consultant engineers (Atkins Oil & Gas) in the UK and overseas (Botswana) and a software house in Pittsburgh. Recently moved up to Lancaster from Reading, hoping to take advantage of being nearer to "some proper hills"; she is also a keen sailor and lazy badminton player. Georgie’s role with STOR-i is to develop relationships with organisations through activities such as invitations to workshops and seminars alongside the development of suitable PhD projects involving staff from the Department of Management Science and Mathematics and Statistics.


 Toby Kingsman

Toby graduated from the University of Birmingham in 2015 with an MSci in Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics and then opted to focus on areas of mathematics with direct real life applications, leading him into Statistics and Operational Research. Toby took part in the STOR-i internship in 2014 working on a project analysing the performance of algorithms designed to optimally stack together computer chips. His current PhD research focus is finding efficient ways of scheduling maintenance activities for offshore wind farms, not easy when beset by access problems due to bad weather and sea conditions. Toby’s work is in partnership with JBA and industry supervisors Mark Lawless and Richard Lines and Lancaster supervisors Dr Burak Boyaci and Jonathan Tawn.