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Our Conferences / Events

Careers Open Day
Millennium Point in Birmingham
15 November 2017

Blackett Lecture
IET London
23 November 2017

Beale Lecture
The Royal Society, London
22 February 2018

SW18 Simulation Workshop
Ettington Chase Hotel, Stratford
19 - 21 Mar 2018

OR60 Annual Conference
Lancaster University
11 - 13 September 2018

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OR60 - Making an Impact

Focused Sessions for Consultants, Analysts and Decision Makers

– and anyone with a passion for making the world work more effectively.

  • Is your day-job all about helping make organisations more effective?
  • Does your work involve you in helping others make better decisions?
  • Do you want to be more successful by marketing yourself and your team better?

OR60 is the UK’s biggest conference of O.R./analytics professionals, academics and practitioners. It will be packed with activities aimed at helping everybody to become more successful in making an impact in their work. MAI sessions are predominantly on Wednesday 12 September 2018 however, when our programme is available, don’t forget to check out our other conference days for other relevant sessions.

The Making an Impact (MAI) sessions at the conference are designed to meet the needs and interests of practitioners as well as academics and are now a regular feature of our national conference. The concept has proved very successful in previous conferences and at OR60 we plan to build on what’s gone before whilst also giving the opportunity to explore new ideas.

We want those involved on a day-to-basis in supporting decisions within an organisation to join us for this unique event. Do you use data, analysis, modelling, science or common sense? Whatever your job title, taking part in the ‘Making an Impact’ at OR60 will give you a focussed opportunity to develop both technical and consultancy skills and to extend and strengthen your professional networks.

The MAI programme will offer a full day of learning, development and networking opportunities. We will also be highlighting the case studies presented throughout the 3 days and which focus on describing the impact of OR work.

As we shape the MAI programme, we’re gathering ideas from across the spectrum of OR and Analytics groups and we would welcome ideas and specific content suggestions for key topics. Below are a few highlights of what to expect during Making an Impact at OR60;

Workshops, seminars and tutorials:

Tasters and master classes in new tools or techniques

  • latest ideas from Analytics and Data Science
  • Data visualisation

Facilitated discussions to support good practice

  • validating models
  • data cleansing
  • ethical dilemmas
  • diversity

Interactive workshops to support your personal development as an OR Professional

  • developing consultancy and leadership skills alongside technical ones
  • accreditation – what does it mean and what are the options?
  • managing your digital footprint

Vendor-led sessions on specific software

  • agent based simulation
  • asset management analytics

Plus social events, plenary talks, poster session, speed networking and more.

If you would like to get involved by offering a workshop, presenting a case study with impact or to be a part of any of our MAI activities, please contact
Look for #OR60 on social media.