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OR60 - Streams

  Bullet Point Aviation Applications
    Jamie Fairbrother  -
    Konstantinos Zografos   -
  Bullet Point Behavioural Operational Research (BOR)
    Sally Brailsford  -
  Bullet Point Business Analytics
    Michael Mortenson   -
    Richard Vidgen   -
  Bullet Point Combinatorial Optimisation
    Adam Letchford  -
  Bullet Point Community OR
    Eliseo Vilalta-Perdomo -
    Martha Vahl -
    Rebecca Herron -
  Bullet Point Cutting and Packing
    Xiang Song  -
    Julia Bennell -
  Bullet Point Data Mining
    Dolores Romero Morales  -
  Bullet Point DEA and Productivity
    Jill Johnes  -
  Bullet Point Defence and Security
    David Lowe -
    Ann Steptoe -
    James Bleach -
  Bullet Point Disaster Management
    Paola Scaparra  -
  Bullet Point Energy Applications
    Dylan Jones  -
    Graham Wall  -
  Bullet Point Forecasting
    Robert Fildes  -
    Ivan Svetunkov  -
  Bullet Point Healthcare Applications
    Dave Worthington  -
  Bullet Point Healthcare Applications – Posters
    Paul Harper -
    Sally Brailsford -
    Cynthia LeRouge -
    Nelson King -
  Bullet Point Information Systems
    Crispin Coombs -
    Oliver Kayas -
  Bullet Point Location
    Sergio Garcia Quiles  -
  Bullet Point Making an Impact
    Liz Archibald -
    John Ranyard  -
  Bullet Point Metaheuristics
    Ender Ozcan -
    Andrew Parkes -
  Bullet Point Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA)
    Matthias Ehrgott  -
  Bullet Point Network Optimisation Applications
    Guglielmo Lulli  -
  Bullet Point OR Consultancy and Case Studies
    John Medhurst  -
    Ann Steptoe -
  Bullet Point OR in Schools
    Sophie Parker  -
  Bullet Point OR in Sport
    Phillip Scarf  -
  Bullet Point Problem Structuring Methods/Soft Operational Research
    Alberto Paucar-Caceres  -
  Bullet Point Revenue Management and Pricing
    Catherine Cleophas  -
    Arne Strauss -
  Bullet Point Risk
    Matthew Revie  -
  Bullet Point Robust Optimisation
    Marc Goerigk  -
  Bullet Point Simulation
    Stephan Onggo  -
    Navonil Mustafee  -
  Bullet Point Stochastic Processes and their Application
    Kevin Glazebrook  -
Bullet Point Strategy
    Frances O'Brien  -
    Robert Dyson -
  Bullet Point Sustainable Supply Chain
    Lampros Stergioulas  -
    Masoud Fakhimi  -
  Bullet Point Systems Thinking
    Gerald Midgley  -
    Giles Hindle  -
    Angela Espinosa  -
  Bullet Point Third Sector OR: Modelling for a better world
    Malcolm Fenby  -
  Bullet Point Timetabling and Scheduling
    Jonathan Thompson  -
    Ahmed Kheiri  -
  Bullet Point Transport and Logistics
    Burak Boyaci  -
    Djamila Ouelhadj  -