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Our Conferences / Events

Careers Open Day
Millennium Point in Birmingham
15 November 2017

Blackett Lecture
IET London
23 November 2017

Beale Lecture
The Royal Society, London
22 February 2018

SW18 Simulation Workshop
Ettington Chase Hotel, Stratford
19 - 21 Mar 2018

OR60 Annual Conference
Lancaster University
11 - 13 September 2018

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OR60 - Streams

  Bullet Point Aviation Applications
    Jamie Fairbrother  -
    Konstantinos Zografos   -
  Bullet Point Behavioural Operational Research (BOR)
    Sally Brailsford  -
  Bullet Point Business Analytics
    Michael Mortenson   -
    Richard Vidgen   -
  Bullet Point Combinatorial Optimisation
    Adam Letchford  -
  Bullet Point Community OR
    Eliseo Vilalta-Perdomo -
    Martha Vahl -
    Rebecca Herron -
  Bullet Point Cutting and Packing
    Xiang Song  -
    Julia Bennell -
  Bullet Point Data Analytics in Asset Management
    Mahmood Shafiee  -
  Bullet Point Data Mining
    Dolores Romero Morales  -
  Bullet Point DEA and Productivity
    Jill Johnes  -
  Bullet Point Defence and Security
    David Lowe -
    Ann Steptoe -
    James Bleach -
  Bullet Point Disaster Management
    Paola Scaparra  -
  Bullet Point Energy Applications
    Dylan Jones  -
  Bullet Point Enterprise Modelling and Simulation
    Amjad Fayoumi  -
    Pericles Loucopoulos  -
  Bullet Point Forecasting
    Robert Fildes  -
  Bullet Point Healthcare Applications
    Dave Worthington  -
  Bullet Point Information Systems
    Crispin Coombs -
    Oliver Kayas -
  Bullet Point Location
    Sergio Garcia Quiles  -
  Bullet Point Making an Impact
    Liz Archibald -
    John Ranyard  -
  Bullet Point Metaheuristics
    Ender Ozcan -
    Andrew Parkes -
  Bullet Point Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA)
    Matthias Ehrgott  -
  Bullet Point Network Optimisation Applications
    Guglielmo Lulli  -
  Bullet Point OR in Sport
    Phillip Scarf  -
  Bullet Point Problem Structuring Methods/Soft Operational Research
    Alberto Paucar-Caceres  -
  Bullet Point Pro Bono OR
    Hope Meadows  -
  Bullet Point Revenue Management and Pricing
    Catherine Cleophas  -
    Arne Strauss -
  Bullet Point Risk
    Matthew Revie  -
  Bullet Point Robust Optimisation
    Marc Georigk  -
  Bullet Point Simulation
    Stephan Onggo  -
    Navonil Mustafee  -
  Bullet Point Stochastic Processes and their Application
    Kevin Glazebrook  -
Bullet Point Strategy
    Frances O'Brien  -
    Robert Dyson -
  Bullet Point Sustainable Supply Chain
    Lampros Stergioulas  -
    Masoud Fakhimi  -
  Bullet Point Systems Thinking
    Gerald Midgley  -
    Giles Hindle  -
    Angela Espinosa  -
  Bullet Point Third Sector OR: Modelling for a better world
    Malcolm Fenby  -
  Bullet Point Timetabling and Scheduling
    Jonathan Thompson  -
    Ahmed Kheiri  -
  Bullet Point Transport and Logistics
    Burak Boyaci  -
    Djamila Ouelhadj  -