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OR60 Stream - Cutting and Packing

Stream Organisers

Xiang Song


Julia Bennell
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Stream Definition

Contributions dealing with any aspect of the Cutting and Packing problems formulation, resolution or application are welcomed. This includes theoretical achievements, algorithms development and real-world implementations. Different problems, related with Cutting and Packing, are also welcomed. Typical, but not exclusive, topics of interest are:

  • One-Dimensional Problems
  • Two-Dimensional Rectangular Problems
  • Nesting and Irregular Shapes Packing
  • Three-Dimensional Packing
  • Bin-Packing
  • Container Loading
  • Problem Generators and Benchmarks
  • Additional Objectives and Constraints in C&P
  • Typologies
  • Industrial applications


Julia Bennell

Professor Julia Bennell is currently the Deputy Head of Southampton Business School. She graduated in 1994 with a first class honours in mathematics and management science and received her PhD in Management Science in 1998 from the University of Wales. She was the director of CORMSIS (Centre of Operational Research, Management Science and Information Systems)from 2011 - 2014. She was Head of the Centre of Excellence in Decision Analytics and Risk Research, one of the six departments in the Southampton Business School from 2012 -2015. She is a member of the executive committee of the European working group on cutting and packing since 2005. She was chair of the executive committee of the Southern OR group between 2005 - 2009 and served on the general council of the OR society during that period.
Her main research interests are optimization models for logistics, specifically working in cutting and packing, vehicle routing, scheduling, network design and heuristic algorithms. She has published three invited review papers: two on cutting and packing in EJOR and JORS and one on runway scheduling in Annals of OR. She has also given keynote presentations in EURO 2009 and OR50 and invited to numerous workshops in these areas.


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