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OR60 Stream - Making an Impact

Stream Organisers

Liz Archibald
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John Ranyard
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Stream Definition

Focused sessions for consultants, analysts and decision makers and anyone with a passion for making the world work more effectively. If your day-job is all about helping make organisations more effective, your work involves you in helping others make better decisions and you want to be more successful by marketing yourself and your team better, then ‘Making an Impact’ at OR60 is for you. OR60 is the UK’s biggest conference of O.R./analytics professionals, academics and practitioners.

We have some great streams and will have some very interesting presentations to suit practitioners and academics alike.


Liz Archibald

Liz Archibald is an OR consultant with experience across Utilities, Financial, Postal and Public Sectors and co-founder of Decision Lab, which offers clients a safe environment to explore strategies and test scenarios to reduce the risk associated with decision making.  She is an Expert in developing models to support clients improve operational efficiency through optimisation and other tools. Knowledge transfer to build capacity within client organisations is a key goal.
Specialties: Optimisation modelling with AIMMS, Advanced Excel and Monte Carlo simulation.

John Ranyard

1963 - 1992            Operational Research Executive, British Coal (Manager, Yorkshire, 1972-92)
1994 - 2008            External Liaison Manager, Management Science Dept, Lancaster University
1988 - 1989            President, The OR Society
1997 – 2001           Editor, Journal of The OR Society
2006                       Companion of The OR Society
1993 and 2008       Chair of national OR Society conference committees
2008                       Chair, The OR Society Awards Panel
2008                       Secretary, Heads of OR Forum (now Heads of OR and Analytics Forum)


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