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OR60 Stream - Information Systems

Stream Organisers

Crispin Coombs
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Oliver Kayas
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Stream Definition

New developments in Analytics, Big Data, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence rely on digital devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) that are in continuous use and are capable of monitoring the minutiae of our lives. Huge quantities of real time data are generated and processed through pre-determined algorithms that provide the information that many decision makers depend on. However, the quality of the information that is produced by these algorithms is contingent on the quality of the information systems and their data.
Therefore, embedding sophisticated analytics efforts and simulation models into the everyday work of the business requires integration with the processes and information systems that support them combined with changing the behavior of the people who perform that work.

Motivated by a symbiotic relationship, this collaborative stream between the Operational Research Society and the UK Academy for Information Systems seeks contributions that examine the relationships between information systems and operational research for the benefit of individuals, organisations and/or wider society. The stream’s topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Algorithmic decision making and people
  • Big data analytics
  • Big data and Internet of Things in organisations
  • Business analytics and business value
  • Business Intelligence
  • Co-creating and capturing business value from IT
  • Cognitive computing
  • Information sharing and big data analytics
  • Machine learning and analytics
  • Managing big data projects
  • Robot process automation
  • Strategic and change management issues stemming from big data analytics


Crispin Coombs

Reader in Information Systems, Loughborough University

Dr. Crispin Coombs’ research focuses on the impact of new technology on organisations and the value and benefits that can be delivered. He is particularly interested in the use of new technologies including AI, robotics and automation and impact on organisations. Crispin is presently leading an EPSRC project investigating the impact of the Internet of Things on managing workers and co-investigator on a CIPD project looking at how AI, robotics and automation may impact on professional roles. He is Deputy Research Centre Leader of the Centre for Information Management (CIM) at Loughborough University. He has published over 100 peer reviewed outputs and is a Senior Editor for Information Technology and People and an editorial board member for the International Journal of Project Management. Crispin is a board member and a conference committee member for the UK Academy for Information Systems, and a judge of the UK I SAP quality awards.


Oliver Kayas

Senior Lecturer in Business Technology, Manchester Metropolitan University

Dr. Oliver Kayas’ research interests revolve around sociotechnical systems, enterprise systems, performance management systems and surveillance studies. He has presented award-winning research and reviewed for international peer-reviewed conferences and journals. Oliver is also a board member and a conference committee member for the UK Academy for Information Systems.


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