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OR60 Stream - Third Sector OR: Modelling for a better world

Stream Organiser

Malcolm Fenby
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Stream Definition

The third sector - organisations that are not part of the private sector or public sector, such as charities, cooperatives, political parties and community associations - plays an important and growing role in the economy. It is diverse in terms of the size of organisations, their activities, their beneficiaries, their operating models, and their skills. Analytical activity may include modelling for efficiency and effectiveness improvement; data analysis for increased insight, better forecasting or service design; benefits, outcomes and performance measurement; strategy development; and more. 
The O.R. Society's Third Sector Initiative, including the 3rd Sector Special Interest Group and the OR Pro Bono Scheme, is aimed at improving O.R. visibility and impact in the sector. This includes bringing O.R. support to organisations that have no analytical expertise; providing a forum for those already working in O.R. in the third sector to share and develop good practice; and establishing relationships with kindred analysts - whether data scientists, statisticians or strategists - working in the sector.
The aim of this stream is to showcase relevant analytical work, share experiences, and explore issues that may help improve the effectiveness of third sector O.R. and analysts. We welcome case-study papers; discussions of work in progress or planned; papers discussing need or demand for analysis in relevant areas; and papers exploring the general issues associated with the practice of O.R. in the Third Sector.


Malcolm Fenby

Malcolm Fenby has 25 years of experience in aviation – within NATS (the UK's leading provider of air traffic control services).  His career has covered a wide variety of operations (airports/airspace), topics (capacity / safety / finance) and methods (including simulation /risk-analysis / statistics).  Whilst at NATS, Malcolm introduced the formal assessment and improvement of Safety Culture into NATS (and therefore into Air Traffic Management).
Since May 2014, Malcolm has been applying his experience to the problems of third-sector organisation – both as a pro bono volunteer and as a formal consultant.  This work has covered:  measuring the impact of supported projects; reviewing management information arrangements; and streamlining data analysis and reporting.


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