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Our Conferences / Events

Beale Lecture
The Royal Society, London
21 February 2019

New to OR 2019 Biennial Conference
Conference Aston Meeting Suites (CAMS) at Aston University Business School
10 - 11 April 2019

2nd IMA & OR Society Conference on Mathematics of Operational Research
Aston University, Birmingham
Thursday 25 - Friday 26 April 2019

OR61: Annual Conference
University of Kent
3 - 5 September 2019

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OR61 - Streams

  Bullet Point Behavioural OR
    Ilkka Leppanen -
    Konstantinos Katsikopoulos -
  Bullet Point Big Data and Digitalization
    Thanos Papadopoulos   -
    Konstantina Spanaki   -
    Stella Despoudi  -
    Sankar Sivarajah  -
  Bullet Point Combinatorial and Global Optimisation: Exact and Heuristic Approaches
    Adam Letchford   -
    Andrew Parkes  -
    Ender Ozcan  -
  Bullet Point Control theory and its applications to OR related fields
    Virginia Spiegler  -
    Mohamed Naim  -
    Christos Papanagnou  -
  Bullet Point DEA and its Applications
    Ali Emrouznejad  -
  Bullet Point Forecasting
    John Boylan -
    Robert Fildes -
  Bullet Point Healthcare Applications
    Mohamed Reda Lebcir -
    Soheil Davari -
    Amanda Relph -
  Bullet Point Locational Analysis: Theory and Application
    Zanjirani Farahani Reza  -
    Azizi Nader -
    Chandra Ade Irawan -
  Bullet Point Logistics and Transportation
    Niaz Wassan  -
    Gabor Nagy  -
    Wipawee Tharmma  -
  Bullet Point Multi Criteria Decision Making
    Val Belton  -
  Bullet Point Reliability and Applied Stochastic Processes
    Philip Scarf -
    Shaomin Wu -
  Bullet Point Simulation
    Lucy Morgan  -
    John Beadsmoore  -
  Bullet Point Soft OR and Problem Structuring
    Guillaume Lame  -
    Ian Cammack -
    Mark Ashforth -
  Bullet Point Sustainable Supply Chain Management
    Adolf Acquaye  -
    Andrea Genovese  -
  Bullet Point Sustainable Development Goals
    Honora Smith  -
    Tolga Bektas  -
  Bullet Point Systems Thinking
    Gerald Midgley  -
    Giles Hindle  -
    Angela Espinosa   -