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SW18 - Keynote Speakers

The SW18 committee are very pleased to advise that Professor John Fowler, Motorola Professor of International Business,  Arizona State University and Professor Russell Cheng, Emeritus Professor within Mathematical Sciences at the University of Southampton and 2016 winner of the INFORMS Simulation Lifetime Professional Achievement Award, have kindly agreed to be the Keynote Speakers for our Simulation Workshop on 19 – 21 March 2018.


John Fowler  

Arizona State University

Abstract :

Personal Reflections on the Evolution of Simulation
over the Past 35 years

In this talk, I will provide my thoughts on how simulation has evolved over the past three and a half decades. I will touch on the changes in simulation software, simulation practice, simulation research and the reputation of simulation. I will also talk about current trends and possible future directions.

Short biography :

JOHN W. FOWLER is the Motorola Professor of Supply Chain Management (SCM) in the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University (ASU). He served as the SCM department chair from 2011-2016. Prior to that he was the Avnet Professor of Industrial Engineering at ASU. His research interests include discrete event simulation, deterministic scheduling, and multi-criteria decision making. He has published over 120 journal articles and over 100 conference papers. He was the Program Chair for the 2002 and 2008 Industrial Engineering Research Conferences and the 2008 Winter Simulation Conference (WSC). He recently served as Editor-in-Chief for IIE Transactions on Healthcare Systems Engineering and continues to be the Department Editor for Healthcare Operations Management at the journal. He is an Editor of the Journal of Simulation and Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE) and recently served as the IISE Vice President for Continuing Education, is a former INFORMS Vice President, and served on the Winter Simulation Conference Board of Directors from 2005-2017. His email address is


Russell C.H. Cheng

University of Southampton

Abstract :

Visual Presentation of Simulation Results

Discrete event simulation (DES) is an area of operational research that has seen wide application and success. I have recently been writing a review of input modelling in DES, thinking initially this would be a simple and straightforward task, but was staggered by how the topic has burgeoned over the years. American colleagues undertaking a similar review of output analysis, wrestled with over one thousand papers that they thought worth mentioning. The results of a DES study, typically numerical, can be extensive, making their effective presentation problematic. This is an area of DES that has not perhaps received such close attention. This talk will look at visual methods of presentation, arguing that this is in accord with the growing area of data-driven studies. If used effectively, such a presentation can become an analytical tool in its own right, enabling conclusions to be drawn without the need for complicated technical statistical analysis.

Short biography :

Russell C.H. Cheng is Emeritus Professor of Operational Research at the University of Southampton. He has an M.A. and the Diploma in Mathematical Statistics from Cambridge University, England. He obtained his Ph.D. from Bath University. He is a former Chairman of the U.K. Simulation Society, a former Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society and a Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications. His research interests include: design and analysis of simulation experiments and parametric estimation methods. He was a Joint Founding Editor of the IMA Journal of Management Mathematics. He was awarded the INFORMS Simulation Society Lifetime ProfessionalAchievement Award in 2016. His email address is