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YOR20 - Sponsorship, Exhibition Space, Leaflets, Posters

Raise your profile among the people who are the future of O.R.

by sponsoring and exhibiting at our Young to OR 20 Conference!

Young to OR is a biennial conference for academics and practitioners with up to ten years’ experience in Operational Research (O.R.). 
Attendees have the opportunity to present their work to peers in a supportive environment, while learning about how O.R. techniques have been used in a wide range of applications. Parallel streams of talks are interspersed with presentations from plenary and keynote speakers.
Providing a great opportunity to meet O.R. practitioners, the conference also facilitates sharing of best practice and enables attendees to learn about new areas where O.R. can make an impact.  

You can promote your services, speak directly with people and find out more about what they really need.  If you exhibit at YOR20 you will make contacts and could meet future business partners or employees. If you provide sponsorship of a specific item then your name will be in front of everyone.

Whether you exhibit or sponsor, your logo and details will appear on the website, in general conference information, in the conference App and in Inside O.R., the monthly newsletter.

To see the options and prices available, click on the links below. 


If you would like to sponsor an item not listed on the form below, please contact our Sponsorship and Exhibition organiser, Tom Baldwin on

Exhibition, Posters and Leaflet Distribution

Please find prices and booking information below