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Conferences & Events
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Blackett Lecture
Grocers’ Hall, London
26 Nov 2015
International Conference on Operational Research for Development 2015 (ICORD 2015)
Palm Village Hotel, Uswetakeiyava (North of Colombo) Sri Lanka
03 - 04 Dec 2015
Connect BI
Rolls Royce, Derby
04 Dec 2015
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Journal Paper or Article Submission

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Special Interest Meetings

Fri 16 Oct   Decision Analysis
Fri 16 Oct   Behavioural OR
Fri 16 Oct   Defence
Fri 16 Oct   Public Policy Design
Mon 26 Oct   Analytics Network
Mon 09 Nov   Analytics Network
Wed 18 Nov   Criminal Justice
Wed 18 Nov   Analytics Network
Mon 23 Nov   Analytics Network
Mon 25 Nov   Analytics Network
Mon 07 Dec   Analytics Network
Thu 10 Dec   Analytics Network
Mon 14 Dec   OR and Strategy
Mon 21 Dec   Analytics Network
Mon 04 Jan   Analytics Network

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Association of European O.R. Societies (EURO)

The OR Society is a member of EURO, the Association of European Operational Research Societies.

EURO is a regional grouping within IFORS, the "International Federation of Operational Research Societies". It is a "non profit" association domiciled in Switzerland. Its affairs are regulated by a Council consisting of representatives/alternates of all its members and an Executive Committee which constitutes its board of directors. Its aim is to promote Operational Research throughout Europe which it does by running conferences, publishing journals, giving prizes and awards, running various working groups and overseeing other promotional initiatives such as 24 Hour O.R.

The members of EURO are normally full members of IFORS and comprise the national OR societies of countries located within or nearby (in a broad sense) Europe. There are currently 30 member societies.

The Council elects a President, a President-Elect, three Vice-Presidents, and a Secretary. These six EURO officers form the Executive Committee. The President-Elect serves for only one year whereas all others are elected for two years. Since 1993 the Executive Committee is assisted by a Permanent Secretariat.