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Meetings and Networking

As well as ad-hoc meetings, there are a number of groups within the OR Society, to enable people to get together, and exchange ideas on specific themes.

Regional Societies

One set are our Regional Societies which have the status of branches of the national society. To enable members to network with other operational researchers in their area and to expand their knowledge in O.R., the various regional societies organise meetings, works visits and other events. In the main these events are free and open to all, and members are encouraged to invite clients and others outside O.R. who have an interest in the subject. See the list of Regional Societies, information about forthcoming meetings and blogs.

Special Interest Groups

We also have Special Interest Groups covering particular topics, such as specific methods (e.g.: mathematical programming) or application areas (e.g.: defence). See the list of Special Interest Group subjects, and from there information about meetings, exchange of ideas, and blogs.

Analytics Network

An especially popular and important SIG is the Analytics network, which has regular meetings and blogs. For those with an interest in analytics, in topics such as data science, optimisation, visualisation, Big Data, Regression, Data Mining, Predictive modelling or forecasting, the Analytics Network is intended to be your home within the OR Society. Go to Analytics Network.