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How to get accredited

The way it works is very simple. Entrants to the CandORS grade complete a simple form to confirm their status and have this verified by a senior member of The OR Society. For the higher grades, you complete an online application form, in which you give details of your achievements in O.R. under a number of headings, and nominate two referees. Your application is then peer reviewed by an Accreditation Panel comprised of senior members of the Society, who assess whether, for example, an applicant for FORS has achieved what they would expect of a high flier of ten years' standing. The Panel, which is comprised of roughly equal numbers of practitioners and academics, interprets the term 'O.R.' broadly in arriving at its decisions.

Candidates for accreditation must be paid-up members of The OR Society. Entrance to the CandORS grade is free, but applicants to the higher grades pay a non-returnable application fee and an annual supplementary membership fee in addition to the relevant membership subscription. Only one application fee is payable, so those who enter early in their careers as Associates, for example, can subsequently apply to move up to the higher grades without payment of further application fees.

If you are ready to become accredited, go to Become Accredited.

OR Society Accreditation: