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Become Accredited - CandORS Application

CandORS - Candidate Associate of The OR Society

If you're studying for a Masters degree, coming towards the end of an undergraduate degree or due to complete your doctorate, and your programme of study has a substantial OR content, you are a potential Candidate Associate of The OR Society (CandORS). Similarly, if you're employed in or about to start employement in a job with a significant OR content, CandORS has been designed for you.

CandORS is the newly created membership category of The OR Society, which becomes the first stage of the professional accreditation scheme introduced by the Society in 2001.

It will entitle you to use the initials CandORS after your name, which will signal to potential employers and to future clients that you have a strong analytic and problem solving background. It will also indicate your commitment to professional development as one of the benefits of CandORS status is the allocation of a mentor who is able to offer advice on such matters. She or he will also encourage and support you in progression to the next stage of professional accreditation.

Entrance to the CandORS accreditation grade is free and just requires the completion of a very simple application form.

CandORS Application Form

To be eligible for CandORS, you'll need to join The OR Society. If you are a member, please login at the top of the screen. 

CandORS is only available to paying members of the Society. If you are a member and do not yet have your username and password please click here. If you have forgotten your login details, please click here. Non-members who have registered with the website (e.g. as part of submitting an abstract, or booking a conference) do not have access to the CandORS application form. Membership subscription details can be found here.

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