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Requirements to become a Fellow

To become a Fellow you need a high level of experience. The achievements and engagement in, and contributions to, O.R. can be demonstrated by meeting a number of the criteria listed below:

Practice Criteria

  • Contributions to improved performance or well being, directly or indirectly, through O.R. applications in public, private or voluntary organisations, or in the community.
  • Management of significant OR budgets, staff or facilities (including in education) and promotion of O.R. in the organisation and/or senior non-O.R. management roles.
  • O.R. project management and supervision, including of practice-based student projects.
  • Authorship of written or oral reports, conference and workshop presentations, and case studies which contribute to the practice of O.R..
  • Contributions to the development, maintenance and implementation of innovative O.R. systems through academic/practitioner collaboration.
  • Successful creation of own business in O.R. consultancy.
  • Theoretical developments that have led to improved practice.

Education, Training and Development (ETD) Criteria

  • Management and development of O.R. courses, including in-company training in O.R. or M.Sc. course director.
  • Substantial introduction of new O.R. courses, teaching methods or curriculum developments.
  • Delivering effective O.R. teaching or training, including mentoring and coaching, whether in a business or educational environment.
  • Active development of your own knowledge and professional skills.
  • Participation in, and contribution to, the organisation of Society conferences, workshops, seminars, regional societies, study groups, the management of The OR Society, and similar participation in EURO or IFORS.

OR Society Accreditation: