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Renewing Membership

You can use this page to edit monthly subscription package options, renew annual OR Society membership subscription, or change package options in preparation for annual renewal.

As subscription options are part of the profile pages, you may want to take this opportunity to check that billing address, postal address, email address and other details are up to date.

  • Change subscription options – When you click on My Subscription below, the current subscription options load automatically. If the details need changing, this is where it can be done without calling the office. Monthly subscription changes will occur straight away, whilst annual changes will occur once membership has been renewed.   
  • Pay securely - using either MasterCard, Switch, or Visa, annual memberships can be renewed online.

Renewing Membership

Here are the links you can use to pay your subscription, or make the other changes we have mentioned.

My contact details Check/change personal and organisation details held at the OR Society office.
My addresses Check/change the addresses and email addresses held at the OR Society office and set options including preferred billing address and postal/delivery address.
My Subscription Check your membership type and your postage options. Modify your postage options if you prefer. Those due for annual renewal can go on to renew.
My emailing lists Check/change the Special Interest Groups and Regional Societies you wish to receive occasional notices from.
My password In case you wish to change your password.


Data Protection Act. The Personal data we receive as a result of changes and additions you supply will be used for administering your membership, providing you with services, and other internal OR Society purposes. The OR Society does not pass personal data to other organisations, except where this is necessary for the provision of members' services.