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Balinski Wins INFORMS von Neumann Theory Prize
INFORMS® announced that Michel Balinski named the 2013 recipient of the John von Neumann Theory Prize.

Jean-Pierre Bourguignon is the new President of the European Research Council
Mathematician Jean-Pierre Bourguignon is to become the next president of the European Research Council from January 2014.

Science grades drop the biggest
There was a big fall in pupils getting top grades in all the sciences, following the introduction of new syllabuses and exams.

Just one more bet…
Featurespace, uses machine learning techniques to identify people who show patterns that indicate “problem gambling”.

Killing me softly
Mathematical modelling is being used to make cancer cells “exquisitely sensitive” to virus infection, to kill them.

Win friends and influence advertisers
Yahoo has filed a patent that measures your social media influence.

Is Google's Chromecast the future of television?
Chromecast, a little USB-stick-sized device, streams Netflix, YouTube and other sites to your TV.

Customers and performers benefit from improved targeting
Ticketmaster using analytics so customers and artists can benefit from better targeting and venue choice.

Predictive, prescriptive analytics may decide what jobs future generations will do.
IBM’s India Research lab has developed a predictive, platform for application in the education sector.


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A window on the world of O.R.?
The “invisibility cloak” of science fiction is now fact, albeit with limitations. O.R. could claim to have had the power of invisibility for years, though not by desire; what we want is the opposite - a high-visibility jacket! Indeed, part of the mission of the OR Society is to help make our presence more visible. But perception involves both the observed and the observer. And all of us have open and hidden parts.

YOR18 – OR – A Twenty Twenty Vision
The 18th Young [to] OR Conference got off to a great start with the plenary session given by the President of the OR Society, Dr Geoff Royston. Antuela Tako, the chair of the organising committee, began the proceedings by telling the audience what had been planned for them and how to find out more about streams.

The Education & Research Committee
- Roles and Responsibilities: Brian Dangerfield (Liaison with ESRC)
Ruth Kaufman, Inside OR February 2013

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Posted 11 October 2012


EU: split risky trading from banks

The EU says banks should split risky trading from retail banking. Europe's biggest banks would be affected, should these changes be brought about.

A European Union advisory group says that Europe's banks should be split into separate legal entities, in order to protect ordinary retail banking from risky trading. The review was set up to look at whether banks should be structurally reformed to avoid another crisis. The group agreed that banks should separate certain high-risk banking activities from everyday banking. Banks likely to be affected include Deutsche Bank and BNP Paribas.

The report's suggestions echo those put forward in a report into the UK banking sector by Sir John Vickers, and proposals in the US, both designed to avert further banking crises in these countries.

The EU's report also looked at the risks of lending on properties, and recommends it should be underpinned with larger capital reserves. It also examined ways of spreading the risk burden of a collapsed bank to a wider group, so that bondholders, as well as shareholders and the state, would take some of the losses in future. It suggested that bankers should accept such a bond, the value of which would fall if risky trades or lending lost money, as part of their bonus.

The report also says banks should have higher capital "buffers" to protect against future banking crises.