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Panel members and assessors for the Teaching Excellence Framework
HEFCE wishes to appoint high-calibre individuals to work as panellists and assessors for the Te...

Six areas in the UK will have data at one gigabit per second
Six areas in the UK will soon be trying out broadband technology that provides data at speeds a...

Disruptive innovation
“Disruptive innovation” is an innovation that creates a new market eventually disrupting an ex...

Blockchain: The University of Surrey
Blockchain The University of Surrey has won funding for three distributed ledger technology

Science council appointment
Professor David Croisdale-Appleby OBE, FACSS has been appointed Chair of the Science Council


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A window on the world of O.R.?
The “invisibility cloak” of science fiction is now fact, albeit with limitations. O.R. could claim to have had the power of invisibility for years, though not by desire; what we want is the opposite - a high-visibility jacket! Indeed, part of the mission of the OR Society is to help make our presence more visible. But perception involves both the observed and the observer. And all of us have open and hidden parts.

YOR18 – OR – A Twenty Twenty Vision
The 18th Young [to] OR Conference got off to a great start with the plenary session given by the President of the OR Society, Dr Geoff Royston. Antuela Tako, the chair of the organising committee, began the proceedings by telling the audience what had been planned for them and how to find out more about streams.

The Education & Research Committee
- Roles and Responsibilities: Brian Dangerfield (Liaison with ESRC)
Ruth Kaufman, Inside OR February 2013

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Posted on 03 March 2017


JORS January 2017

Volume 68, Issue 1, January 2017

The January edition is now available online to members, and hard copies for delivery. It contains 9 articles. A particularly interesting one deals with how to prevent flood from casing serious disruption of the road network (see Starita and Scaparra).
- Situation Awareness and campaign assessments - Mathew Zuparic, Mark Jobst, Iain Macleod
- Convoy movement problem: a civilian perspective - Azar Sadeghnejad-Barkousaraie, Rajan Batta
- Applying inverse DEA and cone constraint to sensitivity analysis of DMUs with undesirable inputs and outputs     M. Eyni, G. Tohidi,
- An approach to two-sided M&A fits based on a cross-efficiency evaluation with contrasting attitudes - Hai-Liu Shi, Ying-Ming Wang, Sheng-Qun Chen
- MACBETHSort: a multiple criteria decision aid procedure for sorting strategic products - Alessio Ishizaka, Maynard Gordon
- Design of a wind farm collection network when several cable types are available - Alain Hertz, Odile Marcotte, Asma Mdimagh
- A dynamic model for road protection against flooding - Stefano Starita, M. Paola Scaparra
- Maximizing the profit in customer’s order acceptance and scheduling problem with weighted tardiness penalty - Somaye Geramipour, Ghasem Moslehi
- A note on heuristic approach based on UBQP formulation of the maximum diversity problem - Bahram Alidaee, Haibo Wang