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Research Excellence Framework 2021
Research Excellence Framework 2021 Panel Membership Announced

Impartiality in AI and Machine Learning
The Global Future Councils held in Dubai in 2017 discussed the effect of large-scale adoption o...

Women in Mathematics
Only 4% of mathematics professors in the UK are female

Humans are not fooled
Humans are not fooled when they get called by software bots that can convincingly mimic the hum...

The musical mood of the nation
Examine the musical mood of the nation when contemplating changes to the Bank’s interest rate


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A window on the world of O.R.?
The “invisibility cloak” of science fiction is now fact, albeit with limitations. O.R. could claim to have had the power of invisibility for years, though not by desire; what we want is the opposite - a high-visibility jacket! Indeed, part of the mission of the OR Society is to help make our presence more visible. But perception involves both the observed and the observer. And all of us have open and hidden parts.

YOR18 – OR – A Twenty Twenty Vision
The 18th Young [to] OR Conference got off to a great start with the plenary session given by the President of the OR Society, Dr Geoff Royston. Antuela Tako, the chair of the organising committee, began the proceedings by telling the audience what had been planned for them and how to find out more about streams.

The Education & Research Committee
- Roles and Responsibilities: Brian Dangerfield (Liaison with ESRC)
Ruth Kaufman, Inside OR February 2013

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Posted on 29 August 2017

Financial Sector

AI Heads to wall street

Ai Heads to wall street.

For many years, stock brokers have been using tools such as Kalman filtering to predict which stocks are likely to rise and fall. This program-based trading was allegedly responsible for the Black Monday crash of 1987. Perhaps it’s no surprise that many of the financial giants, such as Goldman Sachs, are turning to AI as a fool proof way of protecting themselves and their clients.

Whilst financial institutions have slowly been introducing elements of AI into their operations for a number of years, we could be about to see a torrent of new applications of the technology. whether AI traders will augment or completely replace current traders and fund managers is yet to be seen.
What is very likely is that AI traders will be trained on similar data and therefore are in great danger of making the same decisions simultaneously, which could have disastrous results. In the meantime, the financial sector should certainly be prepared for some major changes.

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