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Upcoming Events

Annual Analytics Summit 2015

Venue: BMA House, London
Date: 29 Apr 2015

Optimization & Big Data (Workshop, Trek & Colloquium)

Venue: Edinburgh, Scotland
Speaker: Various
Date: 06 - 08 May 2015

The age of "big data" is here: data of unprecedented sizes is becoming ubiquitous, which brings new challenges and new opportunities. With this comes the need to solve optimization problems of unprecedented sizes. Machine learning, compressed sensing, social network science and computational biology are some of many prominent application domains where it is increasingly common to formulate and solve optimization problems with billions of variables. Classical algorithms are not designed to scale to instances of this size and hence new approaches are needed. These approaches utilize novel algorithmic design involving tools such as distributed and parallel computing, randomization, asynchronicity, decomosition, sketching and streaming. This workshop aims to bring together researchers working on novel optimization algorithms and codes capable of working in the Big Data setting.

Further Information:


Venue: University of Westminster, London, UK
Date: 10 - 12 Jun 2015

The conference website can be found at:

ACM SIGSIM PADS 2015 Call for Papers

Venue: University of Westminster, London, UK
Date: 15 - 17 Jun 2015

Hosted by the University of Westminster (founded as Britain’s first polytechnic in 1838), the ACM SIGSIM Conference on Principles of Advanced Discrete Simulation (ACM SIGSIM PADS) builds on 29 years of history and the reputation for high quality papers. This is the flagship conference of ACM's Special Interest Group on Simulation and Modeling (SIGSIM).

The ACM SIGSIM PADS conference focuses on the intersection of Computer Science and Modeling and Simulation (M&S).

We are soliciting high quality papers in all aspects of M&S, including (but not restricted to) the following areas:

  • Advanced modeling techniques, including reuse of models, new modeling languages, agent-based M&S, and spatial M&S.
  • Algorithms and methods for parallel or distributed simulation, including synchronization, scheduling, memory management, and load balancing.
  • New simulation algorithms including hybrid simulation approaches, adaptive algorithms, and approximations, GPU, FPGA and hybrid architecture acceleration.
  • Integration of simulation with other IT systems, methods, and developments including simulation based decision-making, visual analytics, intelligent support in M&S, and simulation in the grid or in the cloud.
  • Mechanisms for efficient design of experiments, including dynamic verification and validation of models, and automatic simulation model generation and initialization.
  • M&S applied to solve problems in difficult domains and methodological challenges arising from these applications including online and symbiotic simulation, real-time and embedded simulation, and emulation of real systems.
  • Tools and techniques for interoperability of simulations, including emerging standards and service-oriented approaches.

Special Sessions will be organized on the following topics:

  • Internet of Things and Simulation
  • Cloud for PADS
  • Hybrid Simulation

See the conference website

Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO-2015)

Venue: Madrid, Spain
Speaker: Various
Date: 11 - 15 Jul 2015

The Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO 2015) will present the latest high-quality results in genetic and evolutionary computation. Topics include: genetic algorithms, genetic programming, evolution strategies, evolutionary programming, memetic algorithms, hyper heuristics, real-world applications, evolutionary machine learning, evolvable hardware, artificial life, adaptive behaviour, ant colony optimization, swarm intelligence, biological applications, evolutionary robotics, coevolution, artificial immune systems, and more.

Metaheuristic Design Patterns Workshop  (MetaDeeP)

Design Patterns are structured heuristics which capture the essentials of recurring practice in an abstract form. Their widespread use has revolutionized the software industry and the previous successful workshop on Metaheuristic Design Patterns (MetaDeeP @ GECCO 2014) demonstrated that similar refactorings are possible in optimization research. If you are interested in moving towards higher-levels of research communicability and automation, then you should attend MetaDeeP 2015, the second such workshop, to be held at GECCO. 

Further Information:

International Symposium on Military Operational Research

Venue: Royal Holloway, University of London
Date: 21 - 24 Jul 2015

2015's International Symposium on Military Operational Research will be held at Royal Holloway, University of London, from 21 to 24 July 2015. Further details and online booking will be available at from January.

ISMOR is sponsored by MOD and strongly supported by the OR Society DSIG and by the US Military Operations Research Society. It is self-funding and non-profit making.

DEA2015 Conference

Venue: Technische Universit├Ąt (TU) Braunschweig, Germany
Date: 24 - 27 Aug 2015

YoungOR 19 Biennial Conference

Venue: Conference Aston Meeting Suites (CAMS) at Aston University Business School, Aston Triangle, Birmingham. B4 7ET
Date: 22 - 24 Sep 2015

YoungOR 19 is the conference for those whose Operational Research (O.R.) careers are less than ten years in duration. This is a biennial conference for academics and practitioners with up to ten years of experience in O.R.  Attendees have the opportunity to present their work to peers in a supportive environment, while learning about how O.R. techniques have been used in a wide range of applications.  Parallel streams of talks are interspersed with presentations from plenary and keynote speakers.   

Simulation in Production and Logistics

Venue: Dortmund, Germany
Date: 23 - 25 Sep 2015

The German simulation society (ASIM) conference on Simulation in Producation and Logistics in Dortmund (23-25 September). The conference website can be found at:

2nd International Conference on Analytics Driven Solutions

Venue: Aston Business School, Birmingham, UK
Speaker: Various
Date: 28 - 29 Sep 2015

The International Conference on Analytics Driven Solutions seeks to establish a platform where both academic and professional approaches to this rapidly expanding field of activity can be explored. Drawing on best practice in analytics we invite academics, practitioners and research students to come together and share examples, cases, theories and experiences in the field. ICAS 2015 aims to bring researchers and practitioners in analytics from these different disciplines and more together.

Further information:

2015 Winter Simulation Conference

Venue: Huntington Beach, California
Date: 06 - 09 Dec 2015

The Winter Simulation Conference (WSC) is the premier international forum for disseminating recent advances in the field of dynamic systems modeling and simulation. In addition to a technical program of unsurpassed scope and quality, WSC provides the central meeting place for simulation practitioners, researchers and vendors. Research in modeling and simulation is propelled by fostering cross-fertilization between various disciplines. The conference website is at

Mind the Gap: Identifying the Skills, Education & Training needed for the 21st Century Jobs Market

Venue: School of Business & Economics, Loughborough University
Speaker: Michael Mortenson, Dr Angelos Stefanidis, Professor Richard Vigden

The growth of big data has meant demand for specialist talent in quantitative analysis, information management and business decision making has never been greater. But what skills and experience is required in the 21st Century jobs market? What are the challenges businesses are facing in building the teams capable of managing these new opportunities? How well are we preparing our graduates to meet these challenges?

For more information please click here