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Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management (KM) forms an important part of modern Operational Research. KM aims to help organisations manage the knowledge and information held within the organisation and make best use of it. Common applications include

  • protecting the organisations investment in people by capturing the knowledge of key personnel so that it remains accessible even if those people leave the organisation
  • cutting costs and maximising returns from the organisations knowledge by enabling the rapid access of targeted information whenever it is needed by whoever needs it
  • improving customer service by ensuring that customer-facing staff have all the information they need to provide the service the customer requires.

Our KM pages provide several strands of information on the subject.


'Knowledge management, a review'. This detailed section brings together some of the main concepts that have formed the basis of research, discussion and development of organisational KM projects.



  • Knowledge Management Conference. The OR Society has organised three KM conferences since the turn of the millenium. They considered the history, currency and future of Knowledge Management, concentrating on the middle ground where theory, practice and support from computer software meet.


Arising from the KMAC 2000 Conference are two practitioner presentations (one of them a plenary). Both of the speakers have agreed that we could put the PowerPoint presentation files on the web site for people to download

Public Information

  • Issue Explorer, located on our associated website 'Learn About OR', Issue Explorer provides a quick insight into some KM issues.