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O.R. in Schools – Lecturers


O.R. in Schools – Lecturers

If you’re an academic, teaching or lecturing at University for a maths, business or economics course read on – the following will be of use to you! This page should provide you with all the information you need - relevant to both part-time and full-time students, mature students and young students and first year to final year students alike.

Speaker Slots

Did you know we arrange free guest lecturers and a speaker slot? If you’re running a business management, maths or logistics course (or similar) – talk to us!

We come and visit university students up and down the country who are taking numerate degrees, to promote the various different career options for when they graduate. Whether they are aware of Operational Research (O.R) - for example doing a MORSE course, or if they are a business and finance or engineering  student who has never heard of O.R. we don’t mind! The presentation lasts an hour and is a great opportunity for students to find out about a career that most would not otherwise hear about – it covers all the key information about O.R. and The OR Society.

It starts with a general overview of what O.R. is and case studies of where it is used. From supermarkets (Waitrose or Asda) to the Government (Home Office or Department for Transport) they all use O.R. techniques regularly so we pick up on some of the key examples that people can easily relate to.

Following on from that, we’ll talk about who employs O.R. analysts and the work they do (they are seldom called Operational Researchers - usually the name is 'modelling analyst' or 'risk forecaster' or 'big data analyst' or something like that). Every large successful organisation uses O.R. and optimisation - they might not call it that and might not know it, but they are indeed using O.R.

You can read about our recent visit to Leicester Uni on our blog:

Get in touch with us today at to book your free speaker slot.

Undergraduate Award

Did you know we offer a prize to one student per registered institution per academic year?

At each institution, the student who completes the best O.R. project as part of their relevant undergraduate degree course is awarded:

  • A certificate
  • £50.00
  • The opportunity to present an overview of their project at The OR Society’s *Education and Research Seminar*
  • Each winning student’s name, their institution and course details, and the abstract of their project is published on the ORS website(s)
  • An article also features on the ORS website(s) and in Inside O.R. with photographs of all prize winners at the seminar series or with photographs forwarded by the institutions

For more information, visit the Awards page (

Careers Open Day and Career Profiles

The OR Society Annual Careers Open Day for students studying maths (or similar) at university is back!

We want students to know the type of careers they could end up in after University using their maths – and so every year since 1975, The OR Society Careers Open Day has hosted their own careers fair. Proving valuable for employers wishing to recruit graduates and others interested in a career in an O.R. or analytics based environment, the event typically attracts around 300 final year undergraduate and postgraduate students. In addition to the Careers Exhibition, the day includes a programme of informal presentations from O.R. practitioners at various stages in their careers and case study streams where graduates can listen to practitioners’ first hand experiences of life working in O.R.

Find out about the Best Careers in O.R. – book your free place online here and you’ll get:

  • Talks on O.R. with lots of interesting case studies
  • Free lunch and coffee
  • Find out how to get into O.R. and analytics
  • Discuss post graduate courses with the course providers
  • Meet employers and discuss opportunities for O.R. and analytics careers
  • Hear graduates’ experiences of working in O.R. and analytics