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The Process

Step 1 – The 3rd sector organisation registers an interest in receiving O.R. Pro Bono Support.

Step 2 – The OR Society determines if the organisation qualifies for O.R. Pro Bono Support.  Please refer to our values below.

Step 3 – The OR Society contacts the organisation in order to complete a registration form.  The organisation is required to complete page 1 of the registration form. (See Annex A)

Step 4 – The O.R. Pro Bono Project Manager arranges for a member of the Pro Bono Steering Group (who are specialists in O.R.) to contact the organisation to discuss whether there is a potential O.R. project.

Step 5 - The Steering Group member will complete the remainder of the registration form.  Once this has been approved by the organisation this will be sent to the O.R. Pro Bono Project Manager.

Step 6 -   The O.R. Pro Bono Project Manager sends a project scope to O.R. volunteers.  O.R. volunteers have two weeks to send in an application form (See Annex B) and CV. 

Step 7 – The O.R. Pro Bono Project Manager sends the O.R. volunteer applications to the organisation who will then select who they would like to work with.

Step 8 – The O.R. Pro Bono Project Manager informs all the O.R. volunteers of the outcome.

Step 9 – The O.R. Pro Bono Project Manager puts the successful O.R. volunteer(s) and the organisation in touch.   At this point either party can agree that the match is not suitable and we go back to step 6 or 7.

Step 10 – The O.R. volunteer(s) draws up a detailed project proposal, which is signed by all parties. (See Annex C)

Step 11 – The project commences. 

Step 12 – If the project has a duration longer than 6 weeks, the O.R. volunteer and organisation are contacted on a monthly basis by the O.R. Pro Bono Project Manager to ensure that no problems have arisen.

Step 13 – At the end of the project both the O.R. volunteer(s) and the organisation will provide feedback to The OR Society.    (See Annex D)

Step 14 – A short case study slide is developed by the O.R. volunteer(s).  (See Annex E)

Step 15 - After an agreed time, typically one year, The OR Society will contact the organisation for an assessment of the lasting impact of the project.