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Bidding for Charitable Projects

Call for outline bids for investment projects to further
the charitable aims of the OR Society

The Society maintains a fund which is used to promote educational, development and research projects that are in line with its charitable aims of advancing knowledge and education through fostering O.R.  The Board are now calling for bids for projects to further these aims, helping take the Society forward and making an investment in the future.  A total sum of £100k is available for such a project or projects.

Suitable project areas might include for example:

  • Improving public awareness and understanding of O.R.
  • Building productive links between O.R. and other professions
  • Developing the contribution of O.R. to major national or global issues

At this stage the Board are looking for outline bids for projects, rather than fully worked-up proposals. A short submission (setting out background, aims and objectives, approach, personnel and their relevant experience, and likely timescales and costs) will suffice.  In assessing bids particular weight will be given to the fit of the project with the Society’s charitable aims, its likely impact on our ability to achieve these aims in the future, and the absence of alternative sources for funding. 

Bids will be assessed by the Society’s Education and Research Committee which will make recommendations to the Board for decisions on those bids for which more developed proposals will be invited. Outline bids should be submitted to the Society’s Secretary and General Manager at, using a standard form available from him on request.