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Regional Society Guidance

The information on these pages is designed to support the committee with the management and running of a Regional Society.

This guidance should answer most of the questions that committees have, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for the please contact or

Please use the links below or the menu on the left to navigate through the guidance.

Bullet Running a Regional Society
  Bullet Aims and activities
  Bullet Regional Society committee
  Bullet Annual General Meetings
Bullet Organising Regional Society meetings
  Bullet Putting on your programme.
  Bullet Virtual meetings
  Bullet Advertising Regional Society meetings
  Bullet Use of Social Media
  Bullet After a meeting
  Bullet Costs and expenses
Bullet Other information
  Bullet Communicating with group members
  Bullet Events and other activities
  Bullet Some don’ts
Bullet Frequently Asked Questions
Bullet The OR Society office staff contact details
Bullet Constitution for Regional Societies
Bullet List of Regional Societies