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Future Meetings

"Flying Tonight?" - Christmas Seminar and Quiz

Venue: Cardiff University School of Mathematics
Speaker: John Crocker
Date: Tuesday, 08 December 2015 at 17:45 - 19:00

The Christmas seminar this year will be given by John Crocker. Following this we will share a meal together while enjoying the annual quiz. More details will follow. 


"Flying Tonight?"

 In 2009 I was asked to look at the problems a certain low cost carrier (airline) was having in achieving its timetable. The airline operated 178 aircraft - A320s and B737s - out of 108 airports. There was typically 1040 scheduled flights per day with flight times ranging from half an hour to over five hours. The main problem was that the airline was failing to meet its targets of number of flights on time and numbers of flights flown - too many flights were taking off late and too many were being cancelled. What they were looking for was a dynamic rescheduling system which would switch aircraft between routes to reduce the overall number of delayed flights subject to numerous restrictions and regulations.