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Future Meetings

Analytics at McLaren: Driving Performance through Innovation

Venue: School of Mathematics, Cardiff University
Speaker: Dr Angelico Fetta
Date: Wednesday, 07 December 2016 at 17:45

Analytics at McLaren: Driving Performance through Innovation

Dr Angelico Fetta

The next SWORDS meeting of the 2016-2017 programme is scheduled for Wednesday the 7th of December 2016. The meeting will be held at the School of Mathematics, Cardiff University. There will be drinks available from 5.15pm in room M/1.04 on the first floor in the School of Mathematics. The talk will commence at 5.45pm in room M/0.40 (ground floor). This will be followed by a quiz and food in room M/1.02.

There is a charge for the social of £5 for OR Society members and £10 for others (partners are welcome). We need to know in advance who is coming so please let me know asap if you wish to attend. Also let me know if you would like the vegetarian option.

Please contact Jonathan Thompson, tel: 029-20875524


McLaren works with pioneers in industry, exploiting techniques and methodologies developed in Formula 1 to create novel solutions to complex real-world problems. Analytics is one of the most significant areas of growth at McLaren, with an expanding pipeline of projects from sectors such as healthcare, finance, energy and transport. This presentation offers an insight into some of the methods employed by the Analytics team, discussing a selection of the decision-support and real-time predictive modelling tools developed.