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Connect BI

Achieving success through data analytics

4 December 2015
Rolls Royce Derby 

Business intelligence is a tool that all companies need to utilise in order to remain competitive. With a gradual shift towards a digitised economy, servitised business models and heavy reliance on big data, BI is more important than ever.

Connect BI, will provide key insights from leading professionals on how to use BI to improve your business performance. Covering a range of sectors you’ll understand how BI can be applied, the different types of software available and what the future of BI will involve.

The OR Society is pleased to be a partner for this event to help raise awareness of the benefits of O.R. in the BI community. Tony Lewins from EY will be presenting a case study to demonstrate how O.R. can help take BI to the next level. This event is aimed at key decision makers and senior directors such as Heads of Business Intelligence, IT Directors, Supply Chain Directors and Managing Directors.