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Special Interest Meetings

Fri 16 Oct   Decision Analysis
Fri 16 Oct   Behavioural OR
Fri 16 Oct   Defence
Fri 16 Oct   Public Policy Design
Mon 26 Oct   Analytics Network
Mon 09 Nov   Analytics Network
Wed 18 Nov   Criminal Justice
Wed 18 Nov   Analytics Network
Mon 23 Nov   Analytics Network
Mon 25 Nov   Analytics Network
Mon 07 Dec   Analytics Network
Thu 10 Dec   Analytics Network
Mon 14 Dec   OR and Strategy
Mon 21 Dec   Analytics Network
Mon 04 Jan   Analytics Network


The OR Society library has 1500 books and over 80 journals on OR and statistics. As well as these resources members of the OR Society are able to make full use of all of Brunel Library’s other printed resources - that’s over 400,000 books and 2,000 journals.

To see full information on access to the library and the greatly improved service to be offered, members can login at the top of the screen.

Access is for members of the Society only, non-members who have registered with the website (e.g. as part of submitting an abstract or booking a conference) do not have access. 

If you are a member and do not yet have your username and password please click here. If you have forgotten your login details, please click here. Membership subscription details can be found here.