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The OR Society - Awards Panel

The members of the Awards Panel are appointed according to the expected workload.

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Awards Panel Members

Committee Member Affiliation Term End Notes
John Ranyard (Chair) formerly Lancaster University N/A  
Sally Brailsford Southampton University N/A  
Neil Doherty Loughborough University N/A  
Rebecca Herron University of Lincoln N/A  
Brian Hollocks Bournemouth University N/A  
Geoff Hook Lanner Group N/A  
Richard Mapleston FORS Shell N/A  
Victor Podinovski Warwick University N/A  
Chris Potts Southampton University N/A  
Geoff Royston formerly Dept. of Health N/A  
Ton Spil Twente University, Netherlands N/A  
Gavin Blackett FORS (Secretary & General Manager) The OR Society   NV
  NV   denotes non-voting


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