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The OR Society - Education & Research Committee

This committee can comprise up to 12 members appointed by Board, a Special Interest Groups representative, the Secretary & General Manager and any non-voting members co-opted by the committee.


Education & Research Committee Members

Committee Member Affiliation Term End Notes
Martin Kunc (Chair) Warwick Business School Dec. 2015 GC
Bo Chen FORS Warwick Business School Dec. 2016 R GC
Alistair Clark FORS UWE Dec. 2018 GC
Noel Corrigan FORS (SIGs rep) CORDA Dec. 2018 GC
Brian Dangerfield University of Bristol Dec. 2017 GC
Alberto Franco Loughborough University Dec. 2017 R GC
Salvatore Greco University of Portsmouth Dec. 2017 R GC
Vincent Knight Cardiff University Dec. 2016 GC
Kees Van Haperen FORS VH2 Ltd Dec. 2017 R GC
Charlene Timewell ORS, Education Officer   * NV X
Gavin Blackett FORS ORS, Secretary & General Manager   * NV
      denotes automatically a member by virtue of committee's terms of reference
    denotes co-opted by committee
  NV   denotes non-voting
    denotes the term of office is renewable
  GC   denotes membership of General Council
    denotes non member of ORS


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