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The OR Society - Events Committee

This committee can comprise up to 12 members appointed by Board, the Secretary & General Manager and any non-voting members co-opted by the committee.


Events Committee Members

Committee Member Affiliation Term End Notes
Chair) To be confirmed
Pavel Albores Aston University Dec. 2019 GC
Sayara Beg FORS Datanut Dec. 2019 GC
Noel Corrigan FORS (SIGs rep) CORDA Dec. 2018 GC
Penny Holborn University of South Wales Dec. 2019 R GC
Susan Howick University of Strathclyde Dec. 2020 R GC
John Medhurst FORS Larrainzar Dec. 2020 R GC
Martin Keys FORS Dstl Dec. 2019 GC
Ian Mitchell FORS Dept for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy Dec. 2020 GC
Djamila Ouelhadj Portsmouth University Dec. 2019 GC
Sanja Petrovic University of Nottingham Dec. 2018 GC
Hilary Wilkes ORS, Conference Organiser   # NV X
Gavin Blackett FORS ORS, Secretary & General Manager   NV
      denotes automatically a member by virtue of committee's terms of reference
    denotes co-opted by committee
  NV   denotes non-voting
    denotes the term of office is renewable
  GC   denotes membership of General Council
    denotes non member of ORS


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