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The OR Society - Publicity, Membership & Website Committee

This committee comprises up to 12 members appointed by Board, the Secretary & General Manager and any non-voting members co-opted by committee.


Publicity, Membership & Website Committee Members

Committee Member Affiliation Term End Notes
Jonathan Batson (Chair) formerly IBM Dec. 2020 R GC
Rosemary Byde RBS Dec. 2019 R GC
Bill Dowsland FORS GOAL Dec. 2018 GC
Colin Kendall AWE Dec. 2020 R GC
Kuangyi Liu Astra Zenica Dec. 2018 R GC
Stephen Lorrimer NHS Dec. 2020 R GC
Viv Raven HMRC Dec. 2019 R GC
Frances Sneddon Simul8 Dec. 2018 GC
Miles Weaver Napier University Dec. 2018 GC
Louise Allison AORS / Felicity McLeister ORS, Strategic Projects Managers   NV
Navin Mair ORS, IT Manager   NV X
Rob Chidley / Amy Parker ORS, Marketing & Comm Managers   NV X
Gavin Blackett FORS ORS, Secretary & General Manager   * NV
      denotes automatically a member by virtue of committee's terms of reference
    denotes co-opted by committee
  NV   denotes non-voting
    denotes the term of office is renewable
  GC   denotes membership of General Council
    denotes non member of ORS


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