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Solicitors Revenue-Forecasting Case Study
Author: Holleth Analytical Solutions ltd

Criminal Justice SIG Meeting 18th Novemeber 2015

Date: 18th November 2015

Psychoactive drugs: modelling their harm and policies for their control.
Author: Professor Lawrence Phillips

The optimisation of rosters to meet public demand.
Author: David Wrigley

Taking account of staff well-being in rostering shift workers.
Author: Jane Parkin

Criminal Justice SIG Meeting 5th June 2015

Date: 5th June 2015

Author: Sue Merchant
Available: Report - Report on 5th June 2015 CJ special interest group meeting

Author: Janine Gill
Available: Slideshow - Process is the thread that binds the fabric of change

Criminal Justice SIG Meeting 23th June 2014

Date: 23rd June 2014

Author: Sue Merchant
Available: Report - Report on 23rd June 2014 CJ special interest group meeting

Author: Dr Nasir Hussain
Available: Report - Morphological Analysis - National Police Board study into social exclusion and criminality

Author: Various
Available: Slides - Slides on 23rd June 2014 CJ special interest group meeting

Criminal Justice SIG Meeting 24th February 2014

Date: 24th February 2014

Author: Sue Merchant
Available: Report - Report on Feb 24th 2014 CJ special interest group meeting

Author: Mayor of London Office
Available: Report - 'Report MOPAC Business Crime Strategy: "Protecting Jobs and Growth in London'

Speaker: Alan Jackson: Hampshire Constabulary
Available: Presentation - 'Process Simulation to Improve Custody Throughput'

Speaker: Johanna Leigh, Loughborough University
Available: Presentation - 'Police Demand Modelling and Predictive Positioning'

CJ OR55 Stream 3 September 2013

Date: 3 September 2013

Author: Duncan Shaw, University of Warwick
Available: An Article - Evacuation Responsiveness by Government Organisations (ERGO)

CJ special interest group event 24th June 2013

Date: 24 June 2013

Author: Zoe Brass, Home Office
Available: An Article - Summary of the Criminal Justice special interest group event

Criminal Justice SIG Meeting 4th March 2013

Date:  4 March 2013

Author: Matthew Grainger, West Yorkshire Police
Available: Report - 'Report on Criminal Justice SIG Meeting 4 March 2013'

Speaker: Peter Loader, Process Evolution
Available: Presentation - 'Findings from a National Police Response Survey'

Speaker: Amanda Gregory, Hull University
Available: Presentation - 'Systems Approaches for Continuous Improvement'

Speaker: Martin Rahman, Donna Tranter & David Fitzgerald, West Yorkshire Police
Available: Presentation - 'Bringing OR to the Frontline'

Speaker: Charlie Lee, Ministry of Justice
Available: Presentation - 'Measuring criminal court efficiency using DEA'

Speaker: Daniel Livingstone, Home Office
Available: Presentation - 'Economies of scale in police air operations'

Crimestoppers optimises productivity and performance through ORiTS and PRISM

Author: Kevin Sheehy, Lanner
Available: An article writtten for the September 2012 Inside O.R.

CJ special interest group event 27th June 2012

Date: 27 June 2012

Speaker: Ian Seath, Improvement Skills Consulting
Available: Powerpoint presentation - 'If you can’t measure a process, you can’t manage it. But what should you measure?'

Speaker: Tim Curtois, Nottingham University
Available: Powerpoint presentation - 'Automated Staff Scheduling Software'

Speaker: Tom Lidbetter, LSE
Available: Powerpoint presentation - 'A Game Theoretic Approach to Geographic Profiling'

CJ Special Interest Group Meeting 21st February 2012

Date:  21 February 2012

Speakers: Various
Available: An article - a mixture of presentations and a workshop to encourage participation and discussion between attendees.

Speaker:  Ian Bullen, Greater Manchester Police
Available: Powerpoint presentation - 'Predictive Mapping'

Speaker:  Sue Merchant, Blue Link Consulting
Speaker:  Ian Newsome, Head of Organisational Development ,West Yorkshire Police
Available: Powerpoint presentation - 'Introduction to discussion session: Good Practice in Involving Stakeholders in Problem-Solving or Projects'

Speaker: Judith Sawbridge, Staffs and West Midlands Probation Trust
Available: Powerpoint presentation - 'Thinking Differently in Improvement Projects'

CJ Special Interest Group Meeting 14th November 2011

Date: 14 November 2011

Speaker: Elizabeth Medhurst, Thames Valley Probation Service
Available: Powerpoint presentation - 'Applying Lean Six Sigma Methodology in Probation - the Journey'

Speaker: Kathryn Sloane, MoJ
Available: Powerpoint presentation - 'The MoJ CJ modelling landscape'

Speaker: Mike Marriot, MoJ
Available: A slide - showing the results from the OR53 facilitated workshop 'An update on the CJ brainstorm session held at the ORS conference to help identify areas of savings'

Speaker: David Carter, Devon and Cornwall Police
Available: Powerpoint presentation - 'Developing a Police Resourcing Model with System Dynamics: Group Model Building for a Robust Future'

Coping with CJ cuts

Date: Thursday 3rd February 2011

Speakers: Various
Available:  An article - 6 very experienced speakers (from consultancies, the Audit Commission and Ministry of Justice) share a variety of practical ideas for investigating and addressing efficiency challenges.

OR51 Criminal Discussion Group feedback

Date: 8th september 2009

Available:  Feedback - The key issues facing the Criminal Justice System, where OR can make a difference and suggested actions for the CJ SIG to take forward

Criminal Justice Special Interest Group 'Exploratory Meeting'

Date: 10 January 2006

Speakers: Various
Available: An article - On 10 January 2006 a group of 30 OR practitioners from a wide field of backgrounds met in Wakefield to hold an exploratory meeting to look at the feasibility of establishing an OR Special Interest Group in the field of Criminal Justice.